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A Kids Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse

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What is going on? Why does this keep happening? Kids who have lived with domestic abuse need answers to their questions. Children and teens have typically been given very little, if any information to help answer these questions, and often believe that they are at fault for the conflict and fighting between the adults in their home. Along with the burden of self-blame, they believe they must keep the secret of what really goes on at home as a way of protecting everyone involved. Knowledge empowers and counters the helplessness kids often feel who are exposed to abuse in the home. The interactive format of A Kids Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse will encourage kids to reflect on the information as it applies to their individual circumstances. It also leads them to the realization that they can take control of their own lives and determine how they want to live, thus giving hope that they can break the generational cycle of domestic violence.

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Employee Benefits Design and Planning: A Guide to Understanding Accounting, Finance, and Tax Implications

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This book offers guidance for understanding benefits options and plan structures, and making better decisions for your organization. Writing for both HR and finance professionals, internationally respected compensation and benefits professor and consultant Bashker Biswas drills comprehensively into todays most important benefits-related topics and challenges. Employee Benefits Design and Planning covers all this, and much more:Finance and accounting implications of Healthcare benefits Other risk benefits Severance benefits Disability and group life insurance programs Flexible benefits Non-qualified deferred arrangements 409A plans, ESOPs, Money Purchase Pension Plans, Cash Balance Plans, 401(k), 403(b) plans and 457 Plans Employee benefit plan financial reporting, legal compliance, and auditing Employee benefits in mergers and acquisitions Self-funding vs. insurance funding decisions Global employee benefits including umbrella pension plans and multi-national pooling Equity participation in employee benefit plans Biswas introduces and explains key employee benefit metrics and ratios, and demonstrates best practices for forecasting costs and budgeting appropriately. For all compensation professionals, benefits professionals, human resource professionals, accounting professionals, labor attorneys, financial analysts, and finance professionals. Readers will have roles in benefits-related consulting, finance, accounting, and human resource management, both domestic and international.

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Bible-Believing Christians: A Guide to Trusting the Bible and Resolving Apparent Contradictions.

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Bible-Believing Christians is a book that asks the following questions: Why do contradictions within the Bible cause a problem? How can trusting the Bible be problematic? Is the Bible open to interpretation? Is it just another religious book? Is it a loaded Canon? Is it Gods revelation? Is the Bible inerrant? Is it the Christians primary authority? Is it the Word of God? Is it even understandable? . . . and how can we solve apparent contradictions or difficulties? The inspiration for writing this book came as a result of talking with folk I love, who were genuine sceptics of the Bible, and with others who had difficulty in reconciling their traditional Christian beliefs with their own experience and knowledge of history and science. It was clear that their understanding of the Bible had become mixed up with their knowledge of Christian traditions and church teaching, and when the latter of these was in error, the Bible was being held responsible. As a result, the Bible, and the Gospel within it, was not being taken seriously and was considered untrustworthy. In other words, inadequate Christian teaching and misleading tradition was eroding peoples trust in the Bible itself. Eventually, I thought it would be good to write a short book outlining how the Bible can be trusted, how traditions must be tested, and how apparent difficulties can be resolved. All this would be in the hope that such scepticism may turn into curiosity and potentially a genuine search for faith and salvation, which is freely available to all who recognise their sin and place their trust in Jesus Christs death and resurrection.

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Your College Experience, Study Skills Edition: Strategies for Success

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Your College Experience, Study Skills Edition: Strategies for Success
John N. Gardner

Designed specifically for first-year study skills courses, Your College Experience, Study Skills Edition, teaches students the essentials of academic success through ample in-text exercises. The newest edition to the best-selling first-year franchise by John N. Gardner and Betsy O. Barefoot, this text is designed to help students both engage in the course material and to apply the skills learned to their other academic courses. This text will help students with managing time preparing for class, developing critical textbook reading strategies, improving note taking, and preparing for and taking tests. Look to this affordable text to guide students through the first year and beyond.A full package of instructional support materials — including an Instructor’s Annotated Edition, an Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint slides, videos, and a Test Bank — provides new and experienced instructors all the tools they will need to engage students in this course and increase student retention.

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Tampered: A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery(A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery #2)

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When a bout of food poisoning strikes a residence for lively seniors blessed with generous pensions and high-ranking political connections, Dr. Zol Szabo, public health doctor turned medical detective, assembles his investigative team. But the epidemics source proves elusive; the death count rises and when the scourge threatens someone close to Zol, he calls in his friend and colleague Hamish Wakefield, a microbe connoisseur with a nose for exotic diagnoses. Though Hamish uncovers other dangers, he cant crack the puzzle, and neither can the health units outbreak-hunting whiz kid. It takes the observant octogenarians to expose the deaths for what they really are: a string of murders. Fast-paced and intricately plotted, Tampered is second in a series of books to feature Dr. Zol Szabo and his quirky surrounding cast of mystery-solving public health officials.

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The Art of Company Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis: A Value Investors Guide with Real-Life Case Studies

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The book covers all quantitative and qualitative approaches needed to evaluate the past and future performance of a company in a hands-on, practical and comprehensible manner. This unique approach is supported by using more than 100 real case studies. Consequently, this is the only book offering both; a sound theoretical framework and - more importantly - the real-life application that can be implemented by investors. Over and above that the book contains an introduction to value investing. In essence, the aim of this book is to encourage the audience to think like an entrepreneur when it comes to investing in the stock markets, and not like speculators.

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Kindle Paperwhite Manual: The Definitive User Guide for Mastering Your Kindle Paperwhite

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Master Your New Kindle Paperwhite Device With This Easy To Follow Instructions Manual Learn How To Explore Amazons Kindle Marketplace, Find The Books You Want, And Uncover Advanced User Tips This new Kindle Paperwhite Manual will help owners of this new E-Reader get the most out of their device. The user guide covers all of the basic instructions, including how to navigate the Kindle Paperwhite, as well as how to access free books and advanced tips such as security features. While you may think its just a device to read books on, Amazons Kindle Marketplace is so vast that there is an endless amount of content to get your hands on.This Kindle Paperwhite Manual Includes How to Get Started with your device and and access Basic features Leveraging Amazon Cloud Services Advanced features, such as the X-Ray Option and Social Media Integration Breaking down the Kindle Store and how to access tons of free booksAbout The New Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader: Overview The Kindle Paperwhite is an upgraded and much improved version of the very popular Amazon Kindle E-Ink device. The Kindle Paperwhite has 2GB of storage, and also integrates seamlessly with Amazons Cloud Services, which lets you remotely access any media you purchase. Your Kindle Paperwhite comes in two editions; Wi-Fi enabled or both Wi-Fi and 3G enabled. With 3G you can access the web from almost anywhere, meaning you can download books or access your Cloud media on the go. The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch screen with 221 pixels per inch and a resolution of 758x1024 (with a built-in adjustable light).

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Realize It!: A Pocket Guide To Help You Get What You Want In Life

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What is it in life? It is anything you want but dont have. It, is also the things you have and want to keep. This pocket guidebook will help you work on getting, and keeping, what you want in life. First, you must ask yourself, How bad do I want it? Then, you have to determine how you are going to work towards getting it. Once you know how to conquer your fears break through barriers, and overcome obstacles you will realize it!

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Le nove porte. I segreti del chassidismo

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This is just an unbelievable book. I picked it up by chance from my uncles house, and I had to beg him to let me keep it.Jiri Langer, the son of a non-religious family in what was the enlightened Kafka-type godless Czech jewry, decided to go on a trip to the great hearts of Hassidus in Eastern Europe.What followed is a compilation of old Hassidic stories; mainly the masterful feats and parables of certain rabbis and tzadiks from various shtetels throughout what would become occupied Europe. It is not a self-serving or unabashedly positive book - this book is a historiographers experience traveling through, and the stories that would define, these villages.If anyone knows any more books like Nine Gates, please message me, as this is, from my experience, one of a kind.

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