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A Study of Dual Enrollment and Low-Income and Minority Students

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by Gail Laurel Johnson

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This study investigated the impact of the Dual Enrollment Program on the academic achievement of low-income and minority high school students, in a coastal district in a southern state. Bridging the gap between high school and college is the ultimate goal of this program. The study focused on how students find out, about the program, their participation, and success rate, in the program. A survey was sent to high school guidance counselors, and a few of them completed it. They indicated that students were informed about the program through teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, school postings, and letters sent home to parents. A telephone interview was conducted with Personnel from the Community college, and Archival data were examined. The results of the study revealed that there was a small percentage of minority students participating in the program, compared to white students. It also indicated that minority students who participated in the program were successful, and went on to college. There was reluctance on the part of many guidance counselors to respond to the surveys, even after repeated requests from their Supervisors. Community College personnel pointed out, that recent increased efforts have been made to promote the DE Program in the district.

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