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Us Conductors

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Winner of the 2014 Scotiabank Giller PrizeA beautiful, haunting novel inspired by the true life and loves of the famed Russian scientist, inventor and spy Lev Termen – creator of the theremin.Us Conductors takes us from the glamour of Jazz Age New York to the gulags and science prisons of the Soviet Union. On a ship steaming its way from Manhattan back to Leningrad, Lev Termen writes a letter to his “one true love”, Clara Rockmore, telling her the story of his life. Imprisoned in his cabin, he recalls his early years as a scientist, inventing the theremin and other electric marvels, and the Kremlin’s dream that these inventions could be used to infiltrate capitalism itself. Instead, New York infiltrated Termen – he fell in love with the city’s dance clubs and speakeasies, with the students learning his strange instrument, and with Clara, a beautiful young violinist. Amid ghostly sonatas, kung-fu tussles, brushes with Chaplin and Rockefeller, a mission to Alcatraz, the novel builds to a crescendo: Termen’s spy games fall apart and he is forced to return home, where he’s soon consigned to a Siberian gulag. Only his wits can save him, but they will also plunge him even deeper toward the dark heart of Stalin’s Russia.Us Conductors is a book of longing and electricity. Like Termen’s own life, it is steeped in beauty, wonder and looping heartbreak. How strong is unrequited love? What does it mean when it is the only thing keeping you alive? This sublime debut inhabits the idea of invention on every level, no more so than in its depiction of Termen’s endless feelings for Clara – against every realistic odd. For what else is love, but the greatest invention of all?“Michaels’ book is based on the life of Lev Termen, the Russian-born inventor of the Theremin, the most ethereal of musical instruments. As the narrative shifts countries and climates, from the glittery brightness of New York in the 1920s to the leaden cold of the Soviet Union under Stalin, the grace of Michaels’s style makes these times and places seem entirely new. He succeeds at one of the hardest things a writer can do: he makes music seem to sing from the pages of a novel.”—Giller Prize Jury CitationFrom the Trade Paperback edition.


Joined Up Writing

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This anthology is a collection of poems submitted by children and adults in response to two exhibitions at The Mill, Walthamstow, London, UK. A community project co-ordinated and curated by Mo Gallaccio for ArtWorks at The Mill as part of the 2013 festival of Words over Waltham Forest.


Authority and the Teacher

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Authority and the Teacher seeks to overturn the notion that authority is a restrictive force within education, serving only to stifle creativity and drown out the voice of the student. William H. Kitchen argues that any education must have, as one of its cornerstones, a component which encourages the fullest development of knowledge, which serves as the great educational emancipator. In this version of knowledge-driven education, the teachers authority should be absolute, so as to ensure that the teacher has the scope to liberate their pupils. The pupil, in the avoidance of ignorance, can thus embrace what is rightfully theirs; the inheritance of intellectual riches passed down through time.By invoking the work of three major philosophers – Polanyi, Oakeshott and Wittgenstein – as well as contributions from other key thinkers on authority, this book underpins previous claims for the need for authority in education with the philosophical clout necessary to ensure these arguments permeate modern mainstream educational thinking.



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This is a major and comprehensive study of the philosophy of Hegel, his place in the history of ideas, and his continuing relevance and importance. Professor Taylor relates Hegel to the earlier history of philosophy and, more particularly, to the central intellectual and spiritual issues of his own time. He engages with Hegel sympathetically, on Hegels own terms and, as the subject demands, in detail. This important book is now reissued with a fresh new cover.


Friedrich Nietzsche Legendary Philosophers

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Friedrich Nietzsche Legendary Philosophers
Charles River Editors

This book does a decent job of examining the life events that made the man and what his life readings tell us. It also does a good job of defending Nietzsche from being bastardized as the thought leader of Naziism by his unscrupulous sister who was out to further her own causes at the expense of the incoherent man he had become.


Eighteen Summers(Immortal Fire #1)

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Imagine you were eighteen and you felt so different to everyone else you couldnt interact with them. That you had cravings for something you knew you shouldnt have. Cravings that were growing and becoming unbearable. I am that girl. It is Halloween, eight weeks after my birthday and tonight something begins that changes me forever. Events spiral out of control and this weekend I find out who I really am.

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