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Bent Over for Crazy Sex

  10/02/2012       desazar      0 Comments

by Sheena Stone

Category: Speech

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 49 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B00EDXX48A
  • Edition Language: English

This isn’t one of those erotic romance collections. Sure, there’s a tiny bit of sweetness, but mostly it’s crazy and intense extreme fantasy sex!Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sex including BDSM, fake donkey show, barely legal sex, rough sex, and more. Only adults who won’t be offended by such content should read this collection.1. The Cowgirl Puts on a Donkey Show: A Rough Sex Fantasy by Sheena Stone - It’s already been impossibly crazy for Annabelle, but her next task is to have sex with a donkey! It’s nto a real donkey, but with the enormous size of Cappie’s penis, it might as well be! The man is simply huge, and the costume is so perfect that nobody in the audience will know there’s a man inside!2. Shelby Gets Caged: An Erotic Tale of BDSM and Rough Double Penetration by Jael Long - Shelby knew not to disobey her Master John, that there would be consequences. Maybe she was counting on the punishment. Apparently she likes the rough treatment and abuse that only John can dish out. She actually looks forward to it. On this occasion John had a surprise for her that she may not have been expecting. He may be raising the bar higher than she was prepared for!3. Kellys First Gangbang: A Group Sex Erotica Story by Paige Jamey - Kelly was a seasoned porn actress of two years but on the day of her first gangbang she found herself very nervous, wasnt sure why, but was very anxious. Her friend Bailey told her she was silly and should just take charge of all the cocks in the room, so when the shooting started and dicks started poking her in all the right places, she remembered her friends advice. It can be hard to pay attention, though with one cock after another rammed into your throat!4. Amber’s Backdoor Threesome: An Erotic Tale of FFM First Anal Sex Fun by Brooke Weldon - Claire was newly divorced and for all intents and purposes had sworn off sex even with herself until her good friend and neighbor Amber invited her to join in on a surprise threesome for her boyfriend. Claire was hesitant but since she really liked the way Amber ate pussy, she succumbed, but with one condition, only Amber gets to sample the merchandise. Amber agreed and what unfolds will surely curl your toes!5. Casey gets Cornholed: An Erotic Tale of First Anal Sex with a Stranger by Allysin Range - Casey was tired of being the goody two shoes that everyone pushed around and took advantage of, especially her boss and her ex-boyfriend Daryl. So, one evening she throws on a very sexy outfit and decides to hit the town with an anything goes attitude. She was going to get drunk and get fucked good by someone. It didnt take her long to find her prey and get exactly what she wanted, OUCH!



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