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Notes from the Shadow City

  10/02/2012       Liinai      0 Comments

by Gary William Crawford

Category: Social Sciences

  • Type: Paperback
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  • ASIN: B00G799VLW
  • Edition Language: English

Dark Regions Press is excited to launch a new poetry collection from Bram Stoker Award winning poet Bruce Boston and Gary William Crawford, author of the Bram Stoker Award nominated The Shadow City. You can read more about the book and view interior images on our website at: Notes from the Shadow City, Crawford and Boston distill a bleak dystopian vision. Alone or together, and utilizing poetry, prose, and photographic images, they have crafted a guidebook, a Baedeker to the same outliers as chronicled by Dostoyevsky, Kafka, and Orwell, where shadows are more real than the gnomons that cast them, and the predominant colors come from the stripped-down underside of the rainbow.--Robert Borski, author of Blood Wallah and Other PoemsLike grim guides of the underworld, Boston and Crawford lead you into a terrifying landscape of tragedy and tyranny. At times morbid, despairing, inspiring, and hauntingly beautiful, the Shadow City etches itself into your mind with lonely, tormented characters and their tragic fates.-Anders Monsen, Editor, PrometheusBostons and Crawfords voices meld beautifully to create dark music. Notes from the Shadow City will echo in your nightmares.-Linda D. Addison, Bram-Stoker-Award-winning author of Being Full of Light, InsubstantialTo say that reading Notes from the Shadow City is a delight might be misleading; to say that it is unsettling, disconcerting, provocative, and remarkable is to scratch the surface of the shadows and begin to reveal the genius beneath.--from the introduction by Michael R. Collings, author of The House beyond the Hill

Social Sciences


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