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To Tame a Tycoon

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He excited her... and he scared her Robert Carlton had dropped into Laura Lacklands world--an island backwater in the West Indies--by helicopter. Hed charmed her minx of a daughter with bedtime stories. And hed sent Lauras pulse soaring with kisses in the moonlight. But they had nothing in common. She was an artistic recluse while he was a business tycoon, who wanted only her signature on some important papers. Laura knew that once shed signed hed be gone--and her life would be as it had been. And a good thing, too, common sense said. Her reawakened heart, however, was beating out quite a different message....

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The Science of Sustainable Development: Local Livelihoods and the Global Environment

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The Science of Sustainable Development: Local Livelihoods and the Global Environment
Bruce Campbell

Science faces major challenges in tackling the interlinked problems of poverty and environmental sustainability. This book calls for a restructuring of our present arrangements to achieve integrated natural resource management--integration across scales, system components, disciplines and knowledge types. It advocates the necessity of modelling, multi-scale analysis and action research, institutional and organizational development, and communication enhancement. The book draws on case studies throughout the world.

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Stephen Tarbell needed that promotion. But they had to go and give the job to his supervisor, Gwen Farris. Now Tarbell has had enough—and he’s about to put Gwen on notice. She has two choices: give him a glowing review on his performance evaluation or suffer the consequences.Gwen has already survived one violent attack, fifteen years ago. But even that experience couldn’t prepare her for Tarbell’s relentless fury. Pulling a knife on her was just the beginning. Like a sadist peeling the wings off a helpless fly, Tarbell is determined to pick apart her life using every means of physical and psychological torment. The company’s security firm says they’ll handle the situation, but whose side are they really on? And how do you stop a psychopath so consumed by hate he thinks he’s the one being persecuted?An ominous thriller set in a world where workplace insecurity meets violent obsession, Simon Wood’s Terminated grabs the reader by the throat and never lets go.

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Psychosomatic Disorders

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This volume is an encyclopedic book on psychosomatic disorders, written for neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and other mental and physical health professionals. It could be used as a textbook in advanced training programs for the above-mentioned profes­ sions. It covers the entire field of mind-body issues in psychology and psychiatry and related areas of clinical medicine. The mind-body relationship is a two-way street. Anxiety, fear, anger, and other emotional states can produce physiological changes such as tears, elevated heart rate, and diarrhea. When these changes affect ones health, they belong to the province of psychosomatic medicine. On the other hand, the intake of alcohol and other substances can affect such psycholog­ ical processes as thinking and mood. When the intake of substances is helpful, they belong to the province of psychopharmacology. The substances that are hurtful and adversely affect ones mental health belong to the category of addictions and drug abuse. All these issues are somatopsychic. The present volume does not deal with somatopsychic phenomena no matter what effect they may have. It deals with the physical effects of psychological issues, and only with those that cause harm to the human body. Thus, it describes and analyzes psychosomatic disorders. It is divided into four major parts: theoretical viewpoints, etiological considerations, the psychosomatic diseases, and treatment methods.

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After the Thunder Rolls Away

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The lives of two families are forever changed when a car accident kills one spouse of each family. But which one? How do the remaining two rebuild their lives? And what if it had been two others?Mark and Angel OShea, Eric and Paulina Eubanks--best friends and business partners are driving home early one summer morning from a country club party when a deer darts out in front of Marks new car. Paulinas sure driving saves them from the first deer, then the second, but the third is a surprise and they plunge off the narrow Texas highway down a ravine and into a slow-moving river.There are four outcomes to this horrifying, community-changing event. Four ways the families may have to reconfigure their lives, hopes, and dreams.

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The Crisis in Modern Social Psychology (Psychology Revivals): And How to End It

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In the late 1960s a crisis erupted in social psychology, with many social psychologists highly critical of the old paradigm, laboratory-experimental approach. Originally published in 1989, The Crisis in Modern Social Psychology was the first book to provide a clear account of the complex body of work that is critical of traditional social psychological approaches. Ian Parker insisted that the crisis was not over, showing how attempts to improve social psychology had failed, and explaining why we need instead a political understanding of social interaction which links research with change.Modern social psychology reflects the impact of structuralist and post-structuralist conceptual crises in other academic disciplines, and Parker describes the work of Foucault and Derrida sympathetically and lucidly, making these important debates accessible to the student and discussing their influence. He assesses the responses from both mainstream social psychology and from avant-garde textual social psychology to the influx of these radical ideas, and discusses the promises and pitfalls of a post-modern view of social action.

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The Girl Who Loved Camellias: The Life and Legend of Marie Duplessis

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This riveting biography brilliantly explores the short, intense, and passionate life of the country girl from Normandy, who at thirteen fled her brute of a father to go to Paris. Almost overnight she became one of the most admired courtesans of the 1840s—the inspiration for Alexandre Dumas fils’ The Lady of the Camellias and Verdi’s La Traviata. With her aristocratic ways, elegant clothes and signature camellias, Marie was always a subject of fascination at the opera and the boulevard cafés. Her death at twenty-three from tuberculosis created such an outpouring of sympathy in the press that Charles Dickens, who was in Paris at the time, was amazed. “Everything is erased in the face of an incident which is far more important,” he wrote, “the romantic death of one of the glories of the demi-monde, the beautiful, the famous Marie Duplessis.”

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The Journey

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Newlyweds Cassie and Jeremy Palmer seem to living perfect lives, until a car crash leaves Cassie hospitalized and fighting for her life. Jeremys own frightening journey begins when he meets Denise, one of Cassies nurses. Denise seems familiar, but while he may no longer remember her, she has neither forgiven nor forgotten how he jilted her, years before. Denise seeks revenge and Jeremy soon vanishes under mysterious circumstances, leaving his grieving wife behind. As Cassie struggles to recover her life will take another strange turn, when an unexpected visitor reveals that things are not as they appear.

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Contos de horror do século XIX

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Nesta antologia de Contos de horror do século XIX, o escritor Alberto Manguel reuniu, especialmente para o público brasileiro, a fina flor do medo. Tão antigo quanto a civilização, o conto de horror define suas regras e chega a seu apogeu na literatura anglo-saxônica, na linhagem de escritores que vai da gótica Ann Radcliffe a Edgar Allan Poe e H. P. Lovecraft. Mas Manguel não se contenta apenas com os mestres mais conhecidos do gênero, como Henry James, Guy de Maupassant ou Robert Louis Stevenson. Convoca escritores de toda estatura e de várias línguas, do português de Eça de Queiroz ao íidiche de Lamed Schapiro. Nesse percurso, o leitor transita por todos os ambientes e resvala em todos os motivos do conto de horror: igrejas em ruínas, subsolos pútridos, jardins ermos, prisões e campos de batalha, criaturas invisíveis, mortos-vivos, animais espantosos e espelhos encantados. Tudo isso em sua poltrona preferida, em (relativa) segurança, desfrutando ainda do último charme deste livro: novas traduções de todas as narrativas, cada uma a cargo de um nome expressivo da cultura brasileira contemporânea. Relação de autores, e respectivas obras, por ordem de aparição:Alberto Manguel - História do terrorW. W. Jacobs - A Mão do MacacoAleksei Konstantinovitch Tolstói - A Família do Vurdulak: Fragmento Inédito de Memórias de um DesconhecidoH. G. Wells - O ConeHenry St. Clair Whitehead - Os LábiosGiovanni Papini - A Última Visita do Cavalheiro DoenteRuben Darío - A LarvaJoseph Conrad - A FeraPedro Antônio de Alarcón - A Mulher Alta (conto de terror)Ambrose Bierce - A Janela VedadaHenry James - A Volta do ParafusoJack London - O ChinagoPierre Louÿs - A Falsa EstherVilliers de LIsle Adam - A Tortura pela EsperançaJules Verne - Frumm-FlappAchim von Arnim - Melück Maria Blainville, a Profetisa Particular da ArábiaWalt Whitman - Morte na Sala de AulaTheodor Storm - A Casa de BulemannLamed Schapiro - Halá BrancoGeorge Sand - EsperidiãoHorácio Quiroga - O Travesseiro de PenasEdgar Allan Poe - Os Fatos no Caso do Sr. ValdemarGuy de Maupassant - Uma VendetaLéon Bloy - A FavaHugh Walpole - O TarnBram Stocker - A SelvagemGeorges Rodenbach - O Amigo dos EspelhosEça de Queiroz - A AiaVsévolod Mikháilovitch Gárchin - A Flor VermelhaFitz-James OBrien - O Que Foi Aquilo? Um MistérioThomas Hardy - Bárbara, da Casa de GrebeEdith Nesbit - A Casa Mal-AssombradaArthur Conan Doyle - O Cirurgião de Gaster FellRobert Louis Stevenson - O Rapa-Carniça

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