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Koru (Deana Trilogy, #1)

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Silvia Ancordi, alias Mathilda Stillday, nasce in provincia di Bergamo nel 1975. Durante gli studi in Scienze dell’educazione inizia un percorso di crescita personale e spirituale. Si avvicina alle terapie olistiche, al channeling e in seguito alla legge di attrazione. Vive vicino a Roma insieme al marito, al figlio e a tre gatte.Ha pubblicato alcuni racconti in antologie cartacee e gestisce il blog Dice di sé: “Se fossi meno timida sarei una moderna cantastorie”.


The Struggle: The Life of a Feddi Boy

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My name is Henry Gonzalez. I was born in Guatemala and came to the United States thirteen years ago. Im 25 years old and currently attend UH-Downtown to become a math high school teacher. Being part of the UHD Literacy Project has been a learning experience for me as a future educator. It made me realize that students want to be heard; they want to express what they feel and enjoy writing about their personal life experiences. It expanded my knowledge in other content areas and provided more experiences and knowledge to share with future generations. Im really excited to be in the field and advocate students to make smart decisions in their academic journey. Maria Gonzalez was born in Houston, Texas. She considers herself very family oriented and dedicated to her goals in life. Maria decided to major in education because she enjoys being around children. She has an immense interest in childhood and human development, the way it works and how it all comes together captivates her. Envisioning the idea of assisting and guiding young minds into becoming lawyers, doctors, nurses, or professionals brings a sense of desire to share her knowledge with the future. Maria is determined to accomplish her goal of becoming an educator who brings knowledge, creativity, and connects with students.


All in This Together: The Unofficial Story of High School Musical

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A comprehensive look at the making of the wildly successful Disney Channel film High School Musical, this unofficial guidebook explores the cultural phenomenon and loyal fan base the movie spawned. Providing detailed profiles on the films cast members--including Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and Corbin Bleu--this companion follows the cast around the world as they promote the film and supplies all available information about the upcoming sequel. A perfect collectible for the films millions of fans, readers will also find trivia on the chart-topping soundtrack and DVD, which sold more than 400,000 units the day it was released.


Keep The Cookie Jar Full – Homemade Cookie Recipes The Entire Family Will Enjoy

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It is time to re-introduce your family to milk’s favorite date! Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal and Gingerbread are finally back, and best part, they come straight from your oven, not the supermarket isle. Discover how to bake the most mouthwatering cookies in no time and bring back the fun to your kitchen! No more store-bought cardboard or freezer roll dough!Make everyone’s tummy happy with these delicious cookie recipes. Full of amazing flavor, these cookies are perfect for any event: family get togethers, sleepovers or just for something sweet to have around for a Sunday brunch!So bring homemade cookies back to your family and keep the cookie jar full of happiness, real ingredients and amazing treats!Let the baking begin!


La guerre des boutons (Fleurus Classiques) (French Edition)

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Incontournable et iconoclaste, retrouvez ce grand classique de la littérature enfantine ! Des batailles épiques, des cabanes au fond des bois, des festins gargantuesques, des coups pendables, des trahisons indignes et des amitiés “z’� la vie, z’� la mort”... Et par-dessus tout : un trésor de boutons héroïquement défendu � grands coups de “tatouilles” ! Lebrac et sa bande


Alles moet weg

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De schelmenroman is niet mijn favoriete genre, en dit is er duidelijk zo eentje. Het eerste grote prozawerk van Lanoye (1988) is meteen een afknapper van formaat. Hilarische toestanden, dat wel; het burleske talent van Lanoye komt hier duidelijk tot zijn recht; en de dialogen zijn spetterend. Maar voor mij hoeft het niet: dit is een flutverhaal, en de vele beschrijvende passages zijn opvallend stroef (met zelfs enkele kanjers van taalfouten). Voor de liefhebbers is dit ongetwijfeld leuke, onderhoudende lectuur, voor mij is het een miskleun.


Thap Cham: A Tale of Intrigue, Love and Betrayal as Four Chicago Friends Search for the Treasure of an Ancient Queen.

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Thap Cham (pronounced Top Chom) An impressive debut novel, this difficult-to-pronounce but equally hard-to-put-down adventure tale delivers a strong cast of unusual characters whose lives intersect in Chicago and take them across the Pacific to Viet Nam and Cambodia. Weaving together ancient Southeast Asian legend, American military involvement in Viet Nam, and Chicago entrepreneurship in the late eighties, the scope is ambitious and result rewarding. Intelligent female and male leads must trust each other as they pursue a lost treasure and a medieval culture to which their newest friend is the royal heir. Sexy and suspenseful, I cant wait for the sequel! D. Mercer INTRIGUE, MYSTERY, ROMANCE An ancient Queen from Southeast Asia, fleeing a falling empire leaves behind the remaining wealth and heritage of that kingdom hidden in a cave near Thap Cham, Vietnam. A Vietnam photographer and three of his friends in Chicago become entangled in a story of intrigue, love and betrayal as they find a surprising connection to the ancient queen and her treasure. Their quest leads them straight into the arms of two evil brothers who seek to control and rule this ancient land and they discover that appearances are often deceiving. The love and loyalty of these four friends binds them together and cements their relationships as the story unfolds.


Disputing Strategies in Medieval Scandinavia

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In Scandinavia the study of disputes is still a relatively new topic: The papers offered here discuss how conflicts were handled in Scandinavian societies in the Middle Ages before the emergence of strong centralized states. What strategies did people use to contest power, property, rights, honour, and other kinds of material or symbolic assets? Seven essays by Scandinavian scholars are supplemented by contributions from Stephen White, John Hudson and Gerd Althoff, to provide a new baseline for discussing both the strategies pursued in the political game and those used to settle local disputes. Using practice and process as key analytical concepts, these authors explore formal law and litigation in conjunction with non-formal legal proceedings such as out-of-court mediation, rituals, emotional posturing, and feuding. Their insights place the Northern medieval world in a European context of dispute studies. With introductory sections on social structure, sources materials, and the historiography of Scandinavian dispute studies.Contributors are Gerd Althoff, Catharina Andersson, Kim Esmark, Lars Ivar Hansen, Lars Hermanson, John Hudson, Auður G. Magnúsdóttir, Hans Jacob Orning, Helle Vogt and Stephen D. White.

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