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Gunsmoke and Lead: Canadian Born Lawmen and Outlaws in the American Old West

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by Michael E Phifer

Category: Research

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 132 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781481890342
  • Edition Language: English

Thousands of Canadians headed out to the American Old West in the 19th Century. Gunsmoke and Lead tells the exciting story of the adventures of nine Canadian born men and one woman who either pinned on a lawmans badge or became an outlaw in the Wild West. The lawmen: Bat Masterson, made famous in novels and the silver screen, was a western lawman who had many adventures keeping the peace; Seth Bullock, also made famous in film, who became the wild gold town of Deadwoods first legal lawman, and James Colter, a tough lumberman, who briefly became an Arizona lawman. The outlaws: Rattlesnake Dick Barter who became a bandit during the California gold rush; Jules Beni who tried to cheat the Overland Stage and soon ran afoul of gunfighter Jack Slade; the Stewart brothers who kept bad company and soon faced a hangmans noose; Bill White, a conman who feared he would be hanged; Tom Nixon who briefly rode with Sam Bass; Flat Nose George Currie who became King of the Wyoming Rustlers; and finally Pearl Hart the Lady Bandit.



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