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Asmens sargybinis

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by William C. Dietz

Category: Research

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 236 pages
  • ISBN: none
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  • Edition Language: English

Im guilty of underestimating Dietz - I went into this assuming that his work might be 3rd rate at best. Its true he puts a premium on action and thus his novels are escapist fare. But that doesnt mean that theyre not good and it doesnt mean that theyre not enjoyable. This is my 2nd time reading Dietz, and I will definitely be back for more of his work, but I also wont be underestimating him again.So what Dietz has delivered is a taut, engaging, often humorous yet still gritty thriller, reminiscint of the dystopic sprawl of the movie Blade Runner. The novel sends the reader on a fast-paced tour through the solar system. The action starts on Earth (an over-populated earth in which humanity has built upwards in urbplex structures 50 levels high); moves to a habitat in Earth orbit; then off to Mars (including a surface jaunt at the base of Olympus Mons); moving next to the asteroid belt; and finally ending up on one of Jupiters moons, Europa. Dietz does well in his descriptions of these locales - hes not focussed on the hard science but its there in the background and resonates plausibly for a discriminating reader.The book truly immerses the reader in this nightmaristic gritty future. The first chapter includes a mercenary ambush on scrappers who face the assault with children strapped to their waists. This also gives us an introduction to our protagonist, Max Maxon, who refuses to fire at the quarry for fear of hitting any children. The central plot of the novel doesnt begin until chapter 2, but Dietz ensures that first impressions are made by hitting the ground running.Max Maxon is quite an entertaining fellow - brain-damaged and sporting a metal plate in his head, hes a likeable guy with a military background that he cant remember. He often spouts (in a manner similar to Tourettes) random words, nonsense, and numbers (due to his head trauma) and adds a bit of humor to the novel.But back to the novels milieu: heres a glossary of some of the types of people in the novel.Android - see robotBanger - a gang memberCorpie - an official working for a corporation (also: the security personnel for the officials)Freelancer - a worker only employed (and paid) when neededGreenies - members of a movement against further development of technology (militant Luddites)Lifer - a worker with lifetime employment (often making use of life-extending technology such as organ transplants) Popper - an assassin (bounty-collector)Robot - a mechanical being (wherein form follows function)Scrapper - member of a team that capture robots and strip their parts for resale on the black market Shooter - a bodyguard or popper with a valid weapons permitSnatcher - a kidnapperZeeb - (short for Zebra) law enforcerZombie - a brain-wiped person (with brain now used for storage of new data recorded over the former personality, intelligence, etc. Able to walk and move but not much else)Zonie - injection drug userAnd thats truly the strength of this book: Dietzs detailed vision of this stark future. Dont expect any grand overarching theme, dont expect any experimental prose, but DONT expect a substandard read. This is good science fiction action, and its a fun, gripping read. Enjoyable escapism, and whats wrong with that?



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