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Anti-Theist - And this is why

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by Christopher Mallard

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I realize the term Anti-Theist and the idea of forbidding someone from practicing and teaching a religion sounds so very horrible but youve got to ask yourself the question why. Why would all of us atheist nutbags, and our numbers are growing, want to take God out of your courthouses, off your money, ban it from public practice or display and, heaven forbid, ban you from teaching it to your children? Why would someone want to do that? Read the book and find out.If youre a religious person you could see this as a Know thy enemy moment. Study up on us devil worshiping, baby eating anti-theists and see why we think youre the crazy ones. Mmmm baby. Thank you and enjoy.Caution: Grown up concepts and there is a bit of adult [email protected]://



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