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Method of Order: A True Hierarchy of Needs

  10/02/2012       MelloNear      0 Comments

by Major J F Tuckett

Category: Policy

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 168 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781462730049
  • Edition Language: English

It is an unfortunate fact of todays world that suicides are needlessly occurring in the ranks of the United States military. Based upon a new discovery, Major J. F. Tuckett offers a biblical response to the enigma of hopelessness with a scriptural-based leadership model tailored for any leader or subordinate in a civil or martial setting.Tuckett, who has more than twenty years of experience serving his country, uses Gods ways to help leaders build a foundation intended to strengthen a sense of belonging to God and build the resilience needed to emerge through adversity. As he moves through the seven churches of Revelation, Tuckett illustrates how God led his church with a coherent order, sharing a seven-stage leadership model that offers qualities of hope and contentment-known defenses against suicide. He examines concepts from each scriptural excerpt, ultimately seeking to help others discover humility, value as a unique individual, and companionship with God.Method of Order relies on Gods ancient truths to address a growing challenge in the United States military with the faith that His principles of leadership and followership can provide hope, purpose, and true meaning for anyone searching for answers.



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