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Raven Seek Thy Brother(Ring of Bright Water #3)

  10/02/2012       MRCobra      0 Comments

by Gavin Maxwell

Category: Medicine

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 211 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: none
  • Edition Language: English

The conclusion to Gavin Maxwells Camusfearna trilogy is both heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. As with the previous instalment, THE ROCKS REMAIN, a lot of the material in RAVEN SEEK THY BROTHER focuses on the various problems and misfortunes that Maxwell experienced during the mid to late 60s: he was plagued by ill health and financial difficulties, and at times the book appears to be a catalogue of things that went wrong. His failures to establish a new home for his beloved otters and to start an Eider colony on one of the islands are particularly gruelling.And yet, and the outset of the book, Maxwell admits that his previous book was deliberately downbeat and pessimistic, in order to put off the general public from plaguing him at his retreat. The old magics back here, and in the few, all to brief moments we get to spend with the otters - for Edal, Teko, Mossy and Monday are all back - the quality of the prose becomes magical once more and even surpasses that of RING OF BRIGHT WATER. The closing, all too brief final chapters are particularly spellbinding, and had this softie of a reader in tears. I only wish the traumatic events of the epilogue could have been expanded upon, as I wanted to know more about just what happened in 1968; to this end, Ive just ordered Richard Freres MAXWELLS GHOST which I hope has a bit more information about that (as well as acting as an unofficial fourth volume of the trilogy).



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