she never expected find were the men..

Murder in the Presidio (A Peyton Brooks Mystery, #6)

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Life has become increasingly complicated for San Francisco Inspector Peyton Brooks. With a past murder suspect living in the spare bedroom, an abusive receptionist bunking on the couch, an ex-boyfriend about to marry another woman, and her own mother in a relationship with a bigot, Peyton doesn’t think her life can get much more difficult. Until her partner of eight years is suspected of murder. With a serial killer still on the loose in the City, Peyton must find a way to keep Marco from winding up in prison himself.

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All is Fair(The Split Worlds #3)

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In love and war nothing is safe. William Iris struggles to keep the throne of Londinium whilst hated by his own court and beset by outsiders, while Cathy discovers the legacy of her former governess. But those who dare to speak out about Society are always silenced. Sometimes for good. While trying to avoid further torments from the mercurial fae, Sam finds himself getting tangled in the affairs of the Elemental Court. But an unexpected offer from the powerful and enigmatic Lord Iron turns out to be far more than Sam bargained for.Max and the gargoyle are getting closer to uncovering who is behind the murder of the Bath Chapter and the corruption in London and Max finds the gargoyles controversial ideas harder to ignore. Can he stay true to his sworn duty without being destroyed by his own master, whose insanity threatens to unravel them all?

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Septimius Felton; Or, the Elixir of Life.

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Septimius Felton; Or, the Elixir of Life.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne (born Nathaniel Hathorne; July 4, 1804 - May 19, 1864) was an American novelist and short story writer. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in the city of Salem, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Hathorne and the former Elizabeth Clarke Manning. His ancestors include John Hathorne, the only judge involved in the Salem witch trials who never repented of his actions. Nathaniel later added a w to make his name Hawthorne in order to hide this relation. He entered Bowdoin College in 1821, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1824, and graduated in 1825. Hawthorne anonymously published his first work, a novel titled Fanshawe, in 1828. He published several short stories in various periodicals which he collected in 1837 as Twice-Told Tales. The next year, he became engaged to Sophia Peabody. He worked at a Custom Houseand joined Brook Farm, a transcendentalist community, before marrying Peabody in 1842. The couple moved to The Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts, later moving to Salem, the Berkshires, then to The Wayside in Concord. The Scarlet Letter was published in 1850, followed by a succession of other novels. A political appointment took Hawthorne and family to Europe before their return to The Wayside in 1860. Hawthorne died on May 19, 1864, and was survived by his wife and their three children. -wikipedia

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Solo: A James Bond Novel(James Bond - Extended Series #38)

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It is 1969 and James Bond is about to go solo, recklessly motivated by revenge.A seasoned veteran of the service, 007 is sent to single-handedly stop a civil war in the small West African nation of Zanzarim. Aided by a beautiful accomplice and hindered by the local militia, he undergoes a scarring experience which compels him to ignore Ms orders in pursuit of his own brand of justice. Bonds renegade action leads him to Washington, D.C., where he discovers a web of intrigue and witnesses fresh horrors.Even if Bond succeeds in exacting his revenge, a man with two faces will come to stalk his every waking moment.

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Cruising Into Love

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Kathy is faced with life on her own when her son moves out of their home. Widowed for several years, she decides to go on a cruise in order to fulfill one of her dreams.Rebecca is trapped in an abusive relationship. She believes that a short trip on sea is the only way to temporarily escape the insanity in her life.Leslie is a busy executive, far too busy to indulge in any form of relaxation. As a birthday present, her boss and co-workers send her off on a much-needed vacation.These three women meet up on a Caribbean cruise. They quickly become friends with each other, as well as with certain male members of the crew.

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Bella gente dAppennino

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Non posseggo molte parole, ma queste poche sono mie, le ho ricevute, le vivo e riscrivo e solo la morte sigiller� il racconto. Ne faccio commercio, ne faccio dono.Giovanni Lindo Ferretti ha smesso di fare il cantante e si è fatto cantore di un mondo residuale, antico, sfuggito al moderno. Quello montano, il suo.Dallesilio in quella terra di mezzo che è lAppennino tosco-emiliano, Ferretti racconta le gesta nobili e quotidiane dei suoi avi e della comunit� di Cerreto Alpi, montanari capaci di valore, dignit� , lavori umili, buonumore, passioni forti e sempre decorose. Dalla capostipite sassalbina Maddalena fino a sua madre Eni, dallo zio Archimede, grande cacciatore di orsi in Alaska, alla tragica vicenda di Ezio Comparoni- Silvio DArzo e di sua madre Rosalinda.Tante donne, molti uomini e moltissimi animali, ché la famiglia Ferretti ha campato da sempre di quello: pecore per i formaggi saporiti, cani per governarle e cavalli per viaggiare, fare la guerra o scoprire - come nel caso del suo destriero personale, il roano Tancredi - inattese forme di fedelt� fra esseri viventi.Dopo il grande successo di Reduce, lautore raccoglie in questo nuovo libro anche il suo pensiero su meraviglie (poche) e miserie (tante) delloggi: il rispetto della vita, la naturale accettazione del dolore, il disincanto per la politica, lemozione del mistero della fede, il distacco da un contemporaneo che ha perso il contatto con le immutabili leggi di natura. Tutto questo e molto altro ancora con una prosa che ha punte di vibrante poesia, ritmata con cadenza ipnotica.

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Regeneration(Regeneration #1)

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Kim wrote: I got this in the mail to read while convalescing. I must have waxed too eloquently about it, as my son decided to read it first and is now reporting back to me. He just finished Testament of Youth...Im planning on starting ToY in a few days, and am looking forward to furnishing my fiction derived WWI knowledge with some from nonfiction.

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Florian feels like he’s losing everything. His soccer camp, which his parents can’t pay for. His chance to flirt with his secret crush at camp. His parents’ attention. But most of all, his big sister Sarah, who has cancer. Florian is sick of everyone acting like everything is fine when they all know that Sarah isn’t getting any better. Being around my family is extremely hazardous to my health. So Florian makes a split decision: instead of celebrating his sister’s depressing eighteenth birthday at the hospital, he’s going to soccer camp. He takes off from the hospital, packs his bags, raids his parents’ secret stash of cash, and forges a permission letter for his coach. And he goes. But amidst the partying, the girls, the fun, there are some things Florian can’t leave behind him, no matter how hard he tries. When his parents don’t call him, he has to wonder if they miss him at all—or if maybe they have bigger things to worry about. . . .

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