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Daughters of Twilight

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When an earthquake measuring seven on the Richter scale hits the tiny town of Waterloo, Iowa, life gets very strange indeed for the locals. A dark, hulking, pyramid-shaped tower pushes its way up through a corn field in Blackhawk County, thrusting the city into turmoil and into the national spotlight.The “Black Tower” as its called is believed to be dormant, but when special tactical teams are sent inside to investigate, special team member Dane Coles is confronted by the impossible: a beautiful creature who claims to have been cursed and cast down into oblivion within the Garden of Eden. Now, the mystery creature is using the Black Tower as a doorway to the surface.Coles has been trained for encounters with creatures made of real flesh and bone and blood, not for encounters with supernatural beings. What is he to do with this intelligence – and this “angel?”

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Philanthropy in America: A History(Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America)

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American philanthropy today expands knowledge, champions social movements, defines active citizenship, influences policymaking, and addresses humanitarian crises. How did philanthropy become such a powerful and integral force in American society? Philanthropy in America is the first book to explore in depth the twentieth-century growth of this unique phenomenon. Ranging from the influential large-scale foundations established by tycoons such as John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and the mass mobilization of small donors by the Red Cross and March of Dimes, to the recent social advocacy of individuals like Bill Gates and George Soros, respected historian Olivier Zunz chronicles the tight connections between private giving and public affairs, and shows how this union has enlarged democracy and shaped history.Demonstrating that America has cultivated and relied on philanthropy more than any other country, Philanthropy in America examines how giving for the betterment of all became embedded in the fabric of the nations civic democracy.

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A Sticky Situation to Bear

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Blank 133x176
A Sticky Situation to Bear
Denisha Dawn

Harry and Barry are care free twin bears. One bear is more responsible then the other, but make no mistake about it they share the same hopes and dreams. But when one bear decides to make a messy decision, it leaves both bears stuck! Find out which one of these bears wish they would have just listen to their mothers advice.

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My Skin Is Gray and Wrinkly

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What has wrinkly, gray skin, whiskers, flippers, and pointy front teeth? If you guessed a walrus, youre right! This book introduces early readers to a mystery animal by describing its features, one by one, using short, simple sentences and eye-popping, full-color photos. At the end of the book, the secret animal is revealed across a colorful, two-page spread. Young children will love showing off their beginning reading skills as they learn about this dazzling collection of wild and wonderful zoo animalsone clue at a time! Fast facts and habitat maps at the end of the book provide beginner readers with key information about the zoo animal. The clear text, clever design, and exquisite photos are sure to delight and engage emergent readers.

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Grimmer Than Hell

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A collection of David Drake short stories, including a couple of groups of related short stories. Many of the stories come from shared universe books, so it sometimes feels like only part of the story is included.The quality of the stories is pretty good. None bad, none really outstanding. Theyre all pretty typical David Drake--violent, mean and ugly (am I a bad person because I like that?) Not something that would convince a non-Drake fan to start reading his stuff, but good for anyone whos already a fan.

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Chipre a grandes rasgos

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Books can be attributed to Anonymous for several reasons: * They are officially published under that name * They are traditional stories not attributed to a specific author * They are religious texts not generally attributed to a specific author Books whose authorship is merely uncertain should be attributed to Unknown.

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Ein Buch, das gern ein Volksbuch werden möchte (German Edition)

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Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach was an Austrian writer. Noted for her excellent psychological novels, she is regarded—together with Ferdinand von Saar—as one of the most important German-language writers of the latter portion of the 19th century.She was born at the castle of Dubský (Graf von Třebomyslice) family in Zdislavice near Kroměříž in Moravia, Czech Republic, and died in Vienna, Austria.She is credited with the famous aphorism even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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Under a Christmas Spell(Wicked Christmas Wishes #1)

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English Country Estate, 1815Dissolute aristocrat Lord Valiant Oakenhurst hides a sexy, supernatural secret--as a powerful incubus, he is able to influence others through erotic dreams. At an exclusive Christmas house party, his latest mission is compromised by the beautiful but deadly succubus Lucille Beaulieu. Though still drawn to his former lover, Val cannot forget her betrayal....Hoping to atone for her past, Lucie uses her seductive powers to help couples find happiness. But she is distracted from her task by her own delicious dreams of the dark and dangerous Val.As the riotous festivities begin, their passion is reinvoked, but can a little Christmas magic restore their lost trust?

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