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Man Overboard: A Tale of Divine Compassion

  10/02/2012       vfnhjcrby      0 Comments

by David Denny

Category: Leisure

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 47 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781625644541
  • Edition Language: English

Description: In this suite of dramatic monologues, David Denny reimagines the ancient folktale of Jonah by listening to the voices of its many characters. Jonah and God, of course, remain the two principal players, to be sure. But in Man Overboard we also hear from the sailors of the Tarshish-bound cargo carrier, the storm that overtakes them, the great fish who gives sanctuary to the irascible prophet, indeed the ocean itself, as well as the merchants, courtiers, plants, animals, and king of Nineveh. Drawing upon a close reading of the biblical text, the Jewish tradition of Midrash, and a healthy dose of playful imagination, Denny draws the reader into the storys emotional journey. His poems evoke the concrete reality of the landscape and culture of the historical Near East, while highlighting the central spiritual lessons the tale continues to convey in the postmodern world. The result is a lyric rendition of a classic tale that will appeal to general readers as well as biblical scholars and literary aficionados.



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