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Gazetecilikte Son Yazılarım 2 - Zorla Ahlaksız Olduk

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Hüseyin Rahmi Gürpınar was a Turkish writer and politician.Gürpınar was the son of a family close to the Ottoman court, born in Istanbul. Having lost his mother at an early age, he was sent to Crete where his father was an Ottoman civil servant, however he was soon sent back to Istanbul, where he was brought up by his aunts and grandmothers in Istanbul.Gürpınar started writing fiction at an early age. He became a civil servant, then a writer and journalist. He later served as a member of parliament in the early years of the Turkish Republic between 1935 and 1943.


Love Command: The Second Chance

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Sejak awal, Shilla tahu hubungannya dengan Ryo tidak akan mudah. Pertengkaran demi pertengkaran tetap menjadi rutinitas mereka, namun bukan itu masalahnya. Shilla sadar perbedaan status mereka begitu mencolok, dan itu akan segera menjadi masalah. Di satu sisi, masih ada sosok lain yang bercokol di hatinya. Dan hatinya kembali tak menentu ketika Arya––kakak Ryo––tiba-tiba kembali dari Paris, menghidupkan kembali perasaan yang dulu tersimpan.Namun di tengah kebimbangannya, Shilla masih harus menghadapi kejutan lain. Terkuaknya rahasia besar yang umurnya lebih tua daripada dirinya. Kilas balik yang menuturkan kisah Bunda, Ayi, dan keluarga Luzardi. Kenyataan yang akan segera menjungkirbalikkan hidupnya. Juga hatinya.


An Emotional Affair(Two Stories Series #2)

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Librarians note: This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN: B008LKJ13S.Sequel to Eva Marie Paullieres Cheryls SecretEveryone has crushes. Sometimes they come at inconvenient times. Like when you’re involved with someone else.Cheryl always dreamed of meeting her perfect man, Richard. When he comes into the scene, and Cheryl’s friendship with him turns into a conflict over whom she should be with, Mark becomes enraged with jealousy.Just when Mark thinks he’s lost it all, he meets Mary, his ex-girlfriend Tanya’s sister. She and Mark form a similar friendship, and he now faces a similar dilemma to Cheryl’s.Something more sinister brews in the background of this. While the drama of betrayal and distrust continues, Amber keeps watch on all concerned.Can Tanya save the day once more, or will these emotional affairs lead to real ones?This book contains passages of a sexually explicit nature and is intended for mature readers.


Re-Design Your Future

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BOOKS BY DR. JOSEPH MURPHYThe Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind PowerThe Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the UniverseThe Cosmic Power Within YouGreat Bible Truths for Human ProblemsThe Healing Power of LoveHow to Attract MoneyHow to Pray with a Deck of CardsHow to Use the Power of PrayerHow to Use Your Healing PowerInfinite Power for Richer LivingLiving Without StrainLove is FreedomMagic of FaithMental Poisons and Their AntidotesThe Miracle of Mind DynamicsMiracle Power for Infinite RichesPeace Within YourselfThe Power Of Your Subconscious MindPray Your Way Through ItPrayer is the AnswerPsychic Perception: The Meaning of Extrasensory PowerQuiet Moments with GodSecrets of the I ChingSongs of GodSpecial Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love, and ExpressionStay Young ForeverSupreme Mastery of FearTelepsychics: The Magic Power of Perfect LivingWhy Did This Happen to Me?Within You is the PowerWrite Your Name in the Book of LifeYour Infinite Power to be Rich


The Pawnee War

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The Pawnee War was a series of skirmishes and confrontations between white settlers, Nebraska Organized Militia, and a detachment of U.S. Army dragoons in the early summer of 1859. The Nebraska Militia’s march up the Elkhorn River Valley and parlay with the Pawnee on a windswept hill near the present site of Battle Creek, Nebraska, was unique in the history of the American West. It was the only time a territorial governor led armed forces into direct military confrontation with a Native American tribe. Nebraska Territorial Governor Samuel Black took this dubious honor and he remains the only Nebraska governor to command military forces on the field of battle.


La Piedra y El Camino

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En algun momento de nuestra vida desearemos alcanzar altos ideales trascender y sobre todo, lograr el exito y rodear de felicidad a nuestros seres queridos. Esta obra escrita en fabula o parabola, toca como protagonistas al Aguila, simbolo de victoria, como el mar y el cielo simbolos de poder y inmensidad, una piedra simbolo de abandono, pero tambien de fortaleza y decision, el camino simbolo de la vida y el mundo. Tambien protagonizan los sentimientos y los valores humanos: la debilidad, la fortaleza, la tristeza, la alegria, el odio y el amor. Y aunque lo neguemos, esta es la preocupacion divina, por todas las necesidades de los seres humanos y la naturaleza.


Dragon Princess(Dragon* #1)

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Frank Blackthornes most recent heist did not end optimally. The sacrificial virgin survived, but the whole incident left Frank, a respectable career thief, on the run from a kingdom full of evil cultists eager to replace their sacrifice.So, when the Court Wizard of Lendowyn, Elhared the Unwise, comes to him intending to hire someone to save Lendowyn’s princess from an evil dragon in return for riches, glory, and help with the bloodthirsty cultists problem, Frank is rightfully suspicious. Frank is also not in a position to refuse.Perhaps unsurprisingly, Frank’s rescue fails—in an explosion of spectacularly misapplied magic. When the dust settles, all parties involved find themselves body-swapped. Frank is left stranded in the Princess Lucille’s body, halfway across the kingdom. The understandably angry Princess Lucille finds herself inhabiting the body of the dragon. In order to set things right, they will have to team up and face down thugs, slavers, elvish bookies, knights in shining armor, an evil Queen, and the hordes of the Dark Lord Nâtalc.


Robinson Crusoe(Robinson Crusoe #1)

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Blank 133x176
Robinson Crusoe(Robinson Crusoe #1)
Daniel Defoe

Considered by many to be the prototype for the English novel, Daniel Defoes 1719 classic story of a stranded shipwreck survivor. Marooned for nearly three decades, during the 1600s, Crusoe deals with hardship, solitude, cannibals, pirates and friendship. Inspired by a true story, it is the tale of a determination, ingenuity and faith. Join us for a three hundred year old journey into the heart of a hero.


Heart of Love Evolution - Surviving Depression

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Heart of Love Evolution is a powerful, emotional journey through depression and suicidal thoughts. Depression is born out of life experiences. It is the giving up of hope, the belief that no one cares for you and the thought that suicide is the only way out. But this darkness is also a manifestation of choices made in the spirit world prior to life. Emotional issues fettered to the soul carry forward the torment of past lifetimes and cycles onward. The cycle of submission to that darkness must be broken. We all need hope and to be loved. To love yourself is the one commitment you must make. Author Terezia M. Farkas recounts how after being a caregiver, grief and depression took over her life. She also shows depression as a spiritual journey, a product of past lifetime torment, and choices made in the spirit world prior to life. At times poetic recollection and at times self-help treatise, Heart of Love is a portable guide through the most challenging, harmful experience in life.


A titkos kert [Pöttyös könyvek]

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A titkos kert valahol Angliában található, szigorú falakkal, vadul burjánzó növényekkel rejtve a kíváncsi szemek elől. A kastély szomorú és titokzatos urán kívül élő ember ide be nem teheti a lábát. Egyvalaki, a csúnyácska, árva, mogorva kis Mary, mégis megszegi a tilalmat. És a varázslatos természet észrevétlenül átformálja a kislányt, s nemcsak barátokra lel, hanem maga is képes gyógyítani, örököt adni – akár a megszelidített, csodálatos vadon.

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