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Handbook of Specific Losses in Flow Systems

  10/02/2012       goblinkill      0 Comments

by Robert P Benedict

Category: Leisure

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 194 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781468460650
  • Edition Language: English

EVEN WHEN one is willing to estimate the various loss coefficients in a given system, it is not always an easy matter to determine the flow rate and/or the total pressure drop across the system. While there are gas dynamics books that contain Fanno tables which involve flow with losses, such tables are never specific; that is, the conventional tabulations are never given in terms of specific loss coefficients or specific total pressure ratios. The tables contained in this book are unique in this tespect. The user can establish from these tables not only the various state point functions, but the total pressure losses as well. (The total pressure ratio is shown to be the only true indica tion of loss in a flow system.) Both compressible and constant-density solutions are presented. Tables for fluids of various ratios of specific heats are included. Use of these tables is not restricted to constant-area systems, nor does their use require iterative procedures. For compressible flows, tables of solutions for both the subsonic and supersonic regimes are given. The loss coefficients obtained from these tables are unique in that they are shown to be additive in series systems. This permits the investigator to evaluate a flow system either as a series of components or in its entirety.



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