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Peace of Mind: Insights on Human Nature That Can Change Your Life

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The author delves into the behavioural aspects of the human condition and touches on essence of a good life devoid of passion, greed, hatred. He believes that we must love or perish. He talks about simple human needs consisting of acceptance, approval and companionship. We should, according to the Author, must accept ourselves ‘as is’ with limitations and imperfections. He defines the inner human core of the soul, nervous stem, mind and an inner strength which binds the various components. A good read for discovery of the self.


Proie: A Fable

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Proie: A Fable
Chip Martin

A house party among Anglos near the coast in Provence. There is a fire: a handful of decadents die. Who dun it? Cui bono? One survivor, half-burnt, goes in quest for answers along the Riviera, from St Tropez to Santa Margherita Ligure and back. Encountering yachties, a wealthy designer, an actress, would-be gangsters, twin young men, an old salt and others half-reflecting his past, he moves towards a future where no motive is sure; where the hard-boiled ethics of his American fathers generation are being eclipsed by older, more ambiguous instincts. A subtle homage to the most famous writer to live in the authors home town, this novel will have special fascination for anyone familiar with the last works of Raymond Chandler, not least the the affair between his hero Philip Marlowe and the glamorous heiress Linda Loring. What would have eventuated from it? Chip Martin is not afraid of big themes or complex structures; his work ranges widely through history and shows the mind and imagination of a true polymath, as well as an ambitious storyteller. -- Deborah Moggach


The Outdoor Survival Bible: From Building a Fire to Finding Water - Life-saving Skills for Tricky Situations

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Suitable for those new to exploring the wilderness as well as for more accomplished hikers, this compact manual contains all the advice and information needed to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. Each chapter shows you how to prepare for, or deal with, a specific situation. Chapters include Getting stuck, Getting lost, Getting warm and Getting help, and cover topics ranging from what to wear and take with you, how to use a map and compass, how to cope with bad weather or travel after dark, and how to make a fire and find food and water in an emergency situation. There is also a chapter on how to cope if you are in trouble at sea. Throughout, the concise text is accompanied by simple line drawings. A handy reference section lists various scenarios, such as what to do in the face of an encroaching bush fire, or if you require evacuation by helicopter, with specific steps to take for each. Whether you are travelling alone, or as part of a group, The outdoor survival Bible will provide you with essential support for your expedition.


Luther Bible Book One "1 Mose" Original in German (German Edition)

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Various is the correct author for any book with multiple unknown authors, and is acceptable for books with multiple known authors, especially if not all are known or the list is very long (over 50).If an editor is known, however, Various is not necessary. List the name of the editor as the primary author (with role editor). Contributing authors names follow it.Note: WorldCat is an excellent resource for finding author information and contents of anthologies.


The Captains Chest(Trouble and Treasure #3)

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Amanda and Sebastian have flown all the way to the Caribbean, and this is no holiday; they are after the third Stargazer. But Sebastian finds himself a little distracted when the hottest damn treasure hunter in the world pops up on his patch. Is she after his globe or something else entirely? Sebastian soon finds himself running around the island, playing her games, while Amanda is left to her own devices. But all too soon trouble arrives to the tune of an entire gang of Romeos goons. Can Amanda and Sebastian stay out of trouble long enough to get their hands on the third Stargazer? And can Sebastian finally learn that all that glitters is not gold?


On Married Love: Eridanus

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Giovanni Pontano (1429-1503), whose academic name was Gioviano, was one of the great scholar-poets of the Renaissance as well as a leading statesman who served as prime minister to the Kings of Aragon and southern Italy. The dominant literary figure of quattrocento Naples, Pontano produced literary works in several genres and was the leader of the Neapolitan academy. Among his large poetic output are the two brilliantly original poetical cycles that comprise the present volume. On Married Love stakes out new ground in the Western tradition as the first sustained exploration of married love in first-person poetry. In Eridanus, which celebrates the poets love for a mistress, Pontano combines the familiar motifs of courtly love with the allusive matrix of classical elegy and his own distinctive vision. Both works are here translated into English for the first time.


Fate(The Magic of Black Forest #3)

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After defeating Andrew and Anthony, Natalia and Bradley thought their lives would get easier. They quickly learn that nothing is easy with Margaret, Bradleys evil ex-girlfriend, around. Tormenting them every chance she gets, Margaret is hell-bent on getting her ex-lover back, at any cost. Unfortunately they underestimate the lengths Margaret will go to get what she wants. Bradleys worst fears come true when she takes away his reason for living. A dying Natalia demands that Bradley make Margaret pay for what shes done. He agrees to leave his wifes side only after she swears that she can heal her wounds using magic. Realizing that Natalia cant heal herself, Dave stays behind. To prevent more pain, he makes the ultimate sacrifice and goes against his best friends wishes by taking away everything Bradley has ever wanted for his wife. Death and a life altering change will put Bradleys love for Natalia to the test.


Il cavaliere solitario(Lords of Deliverance #4)

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Sono qui. Cavalcano insieme. Possono fermare l’Apocalisse o lasciare che si scateni. Arriva il quarto, emozionante capitolo dei Cavalieri della Libert� . Le profezie, rimaste inascoltate, stanno per avverarsi. Jillian Cardiff si è rifugiata in un luogo isolato sulle Montagne Rocciose per dimenticare l’attacco del demone che l’aveva quasi uccisa. Ma la sua pace viene presto interrotta al ritrovamento di un affascinante sconosciuto, un uomo senza memoria che lei salva dal congelamento. Bello, dolce e protettivo, Reseph ricorda solo il suo nome e sembra proprio il tipo di cui ci si possa fidare. Reseph non ha idea del perché sia comparso nella vita di Jillian, sa solo che vuole restarci. Non sa ancora che ha portato con sé una scia di violenza, soprannaturale e feroce. Quando scoprir� di essere Pestilenza, il Cavaliere della devastazione, lui e Jillian dovranno affrontare la sfida più grande di tutte: sconfiggere gli orrori del passato per riscattare un futuro che entrambi profondamente desiderano.

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