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Evangelines Gumbo

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Evangeline has watched her grandmere in the kitchen and just knows she can cook a good gumbo. After all, her grandmere says that gumbo can be made from just about anything, even scraps of meat. Come join Evangeline in her first adventure. Along the way your child can learn a few basic words in Cajun French.


Gilroy Was Good for Guinness

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John Gilroy produced some of the best and most remembered advertising images for Guinness spanning the years 1930-1960. The campaigns of Guinness for Strength, Guinness is Good for You, and My Goodness, My Guinness are legendary. In the compilation of this book, author David Hughes has accessed almost 250 John Gilroy oil on canvas proof adverts produced by Benson for the Guinness account. All of the material originates from the Benson Advertising Agency archive, as it has the distinctive stickers on each piece, often GA numbered and dated. Many proof adverts were trials and were never used commercially. Therefore, most of this artwork has never been reproduced before and is an exciting find for the world of advertising and for Guinness brand lovers. Hughes has also met with surviving members of the Gilroy family, who supported the book with stories and anecdotes. The book is also supplemented with material from Guinness s archive in Scotland, the History of Advertising Trust, collectors, American art dealers, as well as Brian Sibley, who did the first Guinness Advertising Book in 1986. This is a high-quality, hardback reference book with a strong narrative story, that will delight collectors and Guinness lovers worldwide. It is the first fully-illustrated biography of Gilroy with text & photo contributions from the surviving family. Features never before seen Guinness artwork which will delight the brand lover!REVIEWS Gilroy Was Good For Guinness by David Hughes is a delightful read about the now deceased artist, John Thomas Young Gilroy, who created years of eye-catching, humorous ads which kept Guinness at the top of sales and in the eyes of the public. His art was not only rendered beautifully and colorfully with his innate great talent, but it sparkled with humor. His brief, catchy statements, which punctuated the art, stuck in the minds of viewers who could glance quickly and get the full impact while on the move, starting the urge for a Guinness building in their psyche. For decades his art kept changing, reflecting in the Guinness ads the elements, moods, and news situations of the various eras. This is the first collection of his work and history, with the complete compendium in the back. You will find it very enjoyable to read over and over, appreciating the genius of his talent and skill, not only as an artist but also as a people person and one who could gently and quickly persuade his audience. Excellent!!!Bonnie Neely, Amazon top reviewer, Real Travel Adventures, 2014/06/28A full-color book that captures the richness of the Guinness campaign. Its not a cheap book, but the money is well-spent on the reproductions. Those who enjoy commercial art, and especially the fans of breweriana, would probably appreciate having this on their bookshelf.Beervana, 2014/07/18More a biography and art portfolio than a beer book, per se, this fine text covers the 1930-60s output of commercial and fine artist John Gilroy, who worked extensively with building the international Guinness brand in the 20th century. Including hundreds of paintings, drawings, unused proofs, and mock-up illustrations (as well as plenty of finished works), Gilroys iconic and idiosyncratic artworks certainly helped a great deal to build the Guinness brand that continues to define the classic Irish stout, even today. Hughes examines the work, alongside Gilroys own life both personally and professionally in these years. That said, this is first and foremost an art book, and offers the most extensive and exhaustive collection of Gilroy art to be assembled anywhere. There are his crazy collection of animal-centered art to promote Guinness, as well as the popular phrases My Goodness My Guinness and Guinness For Strength, to promote the multitude of health benefits (!!?) of the roasty dark brew. As fascinating are the many Guinness ads Gilroy did for other countries, notably Germany (during the world wars, complete with Nazi iconography), as well as Russia, Greece, and the United States, where the familiar toucan flies high above the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Gilroy Was Good For Guinness is a wonderful and engrossing collection of John Gilroys fantastic commercial works. Any serious and fan of historical beer memorabilia and Guinnesss rich history would do well to seek this magnificent tome out.Goatsden, 2014/08/16


Die Herstellung Von Nadelfilzen Mit Modifizierten Nadeleinstichgeometrien Und Die Untersuchung Ihrer Eigenschaften

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Die Bedeutung der Nadelfilztechnik hat in den letzten Jahren eine standige Zunahme erfahren [1,2]. Sie hat sich durch das Aufkom men. hochwertiger Synthesefasern zu einer Technik fur die Ferti gung einer Vielzahl von Produkten entwickelt, die nicht nur mit konventionell hergestellten textilen Flachengebilden konkurrie ren, sondern auch neue, bisher unbekannte, durch andere Metho den nicht erzielbare Eigenschaften aufweisen. Fur die Eigenschaften der Nadelfilzerzeugnisse sind in erster Linie die Art des Faserstoffes, die Art der Vliesbildung und der Vernadelungstechnik in Kombination die Art mit dem Nadelwerkzeug verantwortlich zu machen. Die Herstellung von Nadelfilzprodukten besteht im wesentlichen aus zwei Verfahrensschritten: der Vliesbildung und der Vlies verfestigung. Bei der Vliesbildung gilt es, eine Faserverteilung in bezug auf Auflosung, Gleichmassigkeit, Gewicht und orientierung einzustel len, die zur Fertigung des Endproduktes notwendig ist. Schon mit der Vliesbildung lassen sich das Aussehen und die Qualitat der Nadelfilzprodukte beeinflussen. Die Herstellung von Spinnfaser vliesen erfolgt entweder durch die mechanische oder aerodynami sche Vliesbildung. Als ein weiteres Verfahren der Vliesbildung ist das Filamentvliesverfahren (Spinnvlies) zu nennen. Die mechanische Vliesverfestigung wird durch das Vernadeln er reicht. Sie lasst sich funktional mit der Gewebebindung oder Ma schenbildung der klassischen Flachengebilde-Verfahren verglei chen, wobei allerdings der Einfluss der verfestigungsmassnahmen auf die physikalischen Endartikeleigenschaften der Nadelfilze wesentlich grosser


Öko-Krieger: Eine neue Generation kämpft für unseren Planeten

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Grün, clever, sexy: Umweltschutz im 21. JahrhundertJute und Strickpulli war gestern, die neuen Aktivisten der Öko-Bewegung sind cool, ihre Methoden und Ziele sich für unsere Zukunft einzusetzen, sind ungewöhnlich und waghalsig.Emily Hunter MTV-Moderatorin und Tochter des Greenpeace Gründers Robert Hunter, stellt in ihrem Buch die neuen Kämpfer für eine ökologisch sichere Zukunft vor: Walschützer, professionelle Meerjungfrauen, Blogger, Fahrradaktivisten, Ökoarchitekten, Dokumentarfilmer, eine Indianerprinzessin und viele mehr. Und sie zeigt damit, dass in jedem von uns ein Öko-Krieger steckt, jeder seine Talente, seine Phantasie dazu nutzen kann, die Erde zu retten.


Bush Vipers

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This title, one of the “Amazing Snakes!” series, introduces young readers to the fearsome bush viper. Each spread consists of a large color photograph or two paired with 1-2 simple sentences that describe the characteristics, habitats and reproductive cycle of the snake. The close-up photos are amazing and will fascinate readers. Back matter includes a species profile page, index, glossary, bibliography and publisher’s website. Snake lovers will enjoy this title. It’s a good choice for reluctant readers or special populations, as it is an ideal browsing book.


The History of Xerxes(Makers of History #10)

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I didnt know what to expect when I first started reading this book. The first pages were mainly descriptive and they were a bit of a bore. But then as I sank my teeth into it more, the book came alive. Jacob Abbott is a very skilled narrator, breaking down huge chunks of time into bite size bits for the history layman (i.e. me).He starts by briefly describing Xerxes early life and lays the ground work for events that progressively occur later on in Xerxes ;life. He dwells a lot on the experience that was Xerxes burning of Athens. From the beginning of the tour, to the surprise ending, Jacob Abbott describes Xerxes’ attitude, reasoning and result of his advance to Greece, to burn Athens. One leaves the book with a richer view of the experience that is marching off to war and returning, whatever the result. A rather big chunk of the book’s dedicated to dealing with the marching off to war, so be prepared for that.A rather engaging reading nevertheless for any history buff, or anyone looking for a crash course on Xerxes’ burning of Athens. Read it expectantly.


Fellowship of the Snow Leopards: The Journey Begins

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You can conquer your fears and slay your dragons! Children are as much the hope for the future of humanity as this earth is the center of our existence. A belief in magic is the glue that keeps it all together. The Planet Shilough and their higher level beings, fairies and elves, have been watching our planet as environmental destruction, cynicism, and consumerism plague our world. Michael-a thirteen-year-old Vancouverite who lives in fear of bullies and pain from the tragic loss of his father-emerges as an unlikely hero. He is filled with wonderment as he explores Shilough and is schooled in higher laws. Plagued with insecurities, he begins to realize that the most powerful force in the universe is love. He learns of the sacred and eternal nature of all beings. He comes to understand that on a planet with no incongruity, the vibratory levels are so high, that anything is possible. The ways that Michael overcomes obstacles bent on his destruction-from a schoolyard bully on earth to a nine-headed serpent on Shilough-teach us powerful lessons. As Pancras, Chancellor to the Faerie Queen, explains to Michael, as he struggles with acceptance of his divine destiny, The greatest battle that you will ever face is the one within your own mind. Conquer the dragons within, and you will never fear any dragons without. In this other world expose, could some of the methods that Michael uses to overcome his fears apply to us? Could we harness other energy sources that cause less environmental destruction? Could music play such a pivotal role in aligning our planet? What lessons do we learn from the Cronusans? What about life after death? How can we heal our planet?


Seasons of Real Florida

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Blank 133x176
Seasons of Real Florida
Jeff Klinkenberg

No wonder Jeff Klinkenberg loves Florida. At any time of year he can find a place in the state thats ripe to enjoy or a person whose story has aged to perfection.Arranged by season, the book opens in the fall, which Klinkenberg says is like spring in the north--a time of celebration: Having survived our harshest season, we feel renewed. Fair weather, good food, and the joys of nature lie ahead, described here in essays that are like time capsules of old Florida values. Preserving the past, they reveal Klinkenbergs waggish appreciation of the states history, folkways, and landscape, not to mention its barbequed ribs, smoked mullet, stone crab claws, and fresh lemonade.Many pieces focus off the beaten path and on modern rogues who seem to turn their backsides to the subdivisions and shopping malls that pave the state: Miss Ruby, whose fruit stand features rutabagas, boiled peanuts, and her own brightly colored plywood paintings; an 85-year-old resident of the remote island of Cayo Costa who hums Beethoven while she hunts for shells; the scientists who test mosquito repellent in Everglades National Park; and the unofficial caretaker of Lilly Spring on the Santa Fe River, who greets canoeists wearing glasses, a necklace, and on occasion a synthetic fur loincloth. Other pieces pay homage to Klinkenbergs literary heroes whove written in and about Florida, such as Pulitzer Prize-winner Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Rawlingss companion and memoirist Idella Parker, Everglades crusader Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and novelist Ernest Hemingway. Klinkenberg also revisits an old St. Johns River campsite of 19th-century botanist William Bartram, whose encounters with alligators there were as alarming as Klinkenbergs with beer cans and soda bottles.For anyone who has a stake in the real Florida--resident, tourist, naturalist, or newcomer--this tour of the seasons will linger in memory like the aroma of orange blossoms on a clear winter night.


The Case for India

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It is a wonderfully written argument by an American author who had seen India first hand and studied deeply about the country. The book provides a perspective on the state of India around 1930 (when the book was first published) and the prognosis suffered due to an extended subjection by foreign rule. The author has given some very interesting and informative information regarding the extent of brutality that was practiced by the British. I believe this book should be a part of curriculum in all schools at the collegiate level. I have not read a better document that is more comprehensive, cogent, objective argument in favour of India. I salute the courage of this author and his noble spirit to not just make a case, but publish a book that supports a country that was yet to be born and was almost 2 decades away from gaining Independence.

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