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Sina and Her Tuna: Sina Ma Lana Tuna

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Sina and her Tuna ( Sina ma lana Tuna ) is a story of a love affair between the beautiful Samoan maiden Sina and Tuna. Tuna is actually Sina s pet eel and as Sina cares for him, he falls in love with Sina. This frightens Sina and she runs away to find shelter in a distant village. The village chiefs come to Sina s aid and Tuna is killed. It turns out that Tuna is actually a Fijian Prince who is under a spell and is unable to regain his human form. Before he dies, Tuna asks Sina to bury his head near her house. A few months later, a very special tree grows from where the head was buried. The tree is a coconut tree, one of the most important trees found in the islands of the Pacific, for its life giving fruits, leaves and fronds from which homes are thatched and other important traditional building materials and utensils are made.


Hortensio and the Magic Stories

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The book is dedicated to people of any age that have a sense of humor and enjoy reading magical stories. The book contains ten magic stories: Cloudy; The Stone, Peli and Pag; The Boy and the Laughing Owls; Shiny and Goldy; The Nerd Dragon; Cups of Ice Cream; Flamingo; The Magic Girl; Susan and the Butterfly; Hortensio the Colored Snail. This book is part from the Collection Ten Magic Stories.


Oswald and I

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November 22, 1963 changed the entire world. In a split second, Camelot ended and the lives of countless individuals were permanently altered, including the life of Dallas Police Officer Maurice N. Nick McDonald. This is the story of one ordinary cop who found himself in an extraordinary situation. The tale encompasses Mr. McDonalds early life growing up in southern Arkansas, his stint in the U.S. Military during World War II, and how he ended up in Dallas. It delves into his role in the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald the arrest that catapulted him to a household name. What happened that fateful day in Dallas as Officer McDonald entered the infamous Texas movie theater? How and what did he feel as he gave testimony before the Warren Commission? Mr. McDonald shares a personal glimpse of the next forty years of his life and how being known as the arresting officer of Lee Harvey Oswald changed him forever.


Intimer Betrug: Historischer Liebesroman (German Edition)

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Als Lady Grace Warren von ihrem Vater als Braut an den lasterhaften Lord Fentington verkauft werden soll, weiß sie, dass nur ein drastischer Schritt sie vor einem Leben in Elend bewahren kann. Im viktorianischen England besitzt eine Frau nur eine Sache von Wert: ihre Tugend. Ihrer beraubt wird Fentington sie nicht mehr wollen – leider auch kein anderer Mann. Doch zumindest bliebe ihr die Freiheit. Fehlt nur noch der passende Partner für die schicksalhafte Nacht: ein Mann, der keine Fragen und keine weiteren Ansprüche stellt. Denn für eine Frau, die bereit ist, alles zu riskieren, ist ein gewöhnlicher Mann nicht gut genug …Nach dem schmerzlichen Verlust zweier Ehefrauen im Kindbett hat Vincent Germaine, der Duke of Raeburn, gelobt, nie mehr zu heiraten. Von Schuldgefühlen gequält, weil sein Wunsch nach einem Erben mehrere Menschenleben gekostet hat, ist er darauf bedacht, sein Vergnügen nur noch bei den diskretesten Kurtisanen Londons zu suchen. Als Vincent erfährt, dass seine leidenschaftliche Begegnung mit einer betörenden Fremden ein weiteres Leben gefährden könnte, begibt er sich auf die Suche nach dem arglosen Mädchen – und findet eine Frau von unvergleichlicher Courage, Schönheit und innerer Stärke. Doch können zwei Fremde, die aus Verzweiflung zusammengekommen sind, allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz die wahre Liebe finden?


Η ζωή μου μετά θάνατον εγγυημένη

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Full of wit and wonder, these prose poems, meditations, and narratives open onto rare and unexpected vistas of history and myth, language, and the art of writing. Nanos Valaoritis was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1921, of Greek parents. He has lived in Athens, Paris, and the United States, and he now teaches at San Francisco State University. One of Greeces most distinguished contemporary writers, he is the author of novels, plays, and poetry, and was twice awarded the Greek national poetry prize.


A Retomada do Complexo do Alemão

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O Rio de Janeiro já serviu de palco para inúmeras políticas de pacificação ao longo dos anos. Os índices de violência urbana assustam a população brasileira, que paga um alto preço pelo efeito que o tráfico de drogas gera nas grandes cidades. Recentemente, a luta foi retomada na tentativa de gerar uma renovação urbana e devolver ao carioca a sensação de paz e organização que havia sido perdida com o passar dos anos. Por meio de uma política de segurança calcada na implantação de UPPs, as Unidades de Polícia Pacificadora, o Estado conseguiu reverter, em parte, a realidade desses territórios. É nesse contexto que apresentamos A Retomada do Complexo do Alemão, de Rogério Greco, André Monteiro e Eduardo Maia Betini. O livro relata um dos pontos altos dessa nova política de segurança pública: a pacificação do Complexo do Alemão, uma das comunidades mais violentas da cidade do Rio de Janeiro. Os autores, cada um ao seu modo, narram o processo de ocupação dessa comunidade pelo Batalhão de Operações Especiais Policiais, o famoso BOPE, que teve participação fundamental nesse processo. Histórias reais, imagens marcantes e depoimentos de pessoas que vivenciaram essa conquista do poder público são alguns dos diferenciais deste livro.


Order, Conflict, and Violence

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Blank 133x176
Order, Conflict, and Violence
Stathis N. Kalyvas

There might appear to be little that binds the study of order and the study of violence and conflict. Bloodshed in its multiple forms is often seen as something separate from and unrelated to the domains of normal politics that constitute what we think of as order. But violence is used to create order, to maintain it, and to uphold it in the face of challenges. This volume demonstrates the myriad ways in which order and violence are inextricably intertwined. The chapters embrace such varied disciplines as political science, economics, history, sociology, philosophy, and law; employ different methodologies, from game theory to statistical modeling to in-depth historical narrative to anthropological ethnography; and focus on different units of analysis and levels of aggregation, from the state to the individual to the world system. All are essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand current trends in global conflict.


The Book of the Dun Cow(Chauntecleer the Rooster #1)

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The timeless National Book Award-winning story of the epic struggle between good and evil.“Far and away the most literate and intelligent story of the year … Mr. Wangerin’s allegorical fantasy about the age-old struggle between good and evil produces a resonance; it is a taut string plucked that reverberates in memory” —New York Times“Belongs on the shelf with Animal Farm, Watership Down and The Lord of the Rings. It is, like them, an absorbing, fanciful parade of the war between good and evil. A powerful and enjoyable work of the imagination.” —Los Angeles TimesIn a time when the sun revolved around the Earth, and the animals could speak, Chauntecleer the Rooster rules justly over his kingdom. But while peace reigns for Chauntecleer, evil is brewing across the river, as the monstrous Cockatrice pillages his own lands and people, preparing for the return of Wyrm.Imprisoned within the Earth to contain this ancient evil, Wyrm is determined to return, with the help of Cockatrice. Keeping Wyrm in his prison is a task too great for any individual animal, so it is up to Chantecleer to rally all of the animals, great and small, to work together to keep the Earth safe once again.“Good and evil were never seen more distinctly not pitted more ferociously than in this animal fable, reverberating with the righteousness of the Bible or a medieval morality play … The animals are not mere literary symbols but are invested with a humanness all their won.” —The Saturday Evening Post“Wangerin’s story functions as a frightening representation of modern evil … a parable for adults to ponder.” —The Christian Century“Wangerin has so fluidly woven all these legends together into one small gem.” —Washington Post Book World


La croix des années rouges, Beyrouth 1985-1993

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Il y a tant de fenêtres pas lesquelles on peut vivre une guerre. Et quand ces fenêtres sont celles dune ambulance de la Croix-Rouge Libanaise, le vécu est abrupt, sans censure et sans anésthésie...Secouriste � la Croix-Rouge durant les années de guerre, Nadim Abboud livre ici un témoignage émouvant, douloureux mais néanmoins nécessaire pour que personne, jamais, noublie.

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