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Selene I

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by Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Environmental Studies

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 276 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: none
  • Edition Language: English

The Earths Moon, in the mid 21st Century, this frontier land is slowly growing , the future , in its tranquil cities , under lunar domes ( Clavius City, population 52,647) . Tourism is a key to financial survival, on this remote, hostile world. Selene (Moon Goddess), a hovercraft, designed to float over the lunar surface, especially on the treacherous , Sea of Thirst, above the moondust. Only one of these boats, has been built, if successful others will follow , you would think . In charge of Selene, is the unambitious but capable Captain Pat Harris, and his crew, consisting of just a stewardess, Miss Sue Wilkins. Soon to be a couple ? In the time to come, old- fashioned words, make a comeback, the Captain is a little afraid of the equally competent, and attractive Sue. With a full load, twenty -two people on board, on an ordinary voyage, across the vast, dark, empty, and eerie terrain, in the long lunar night. They look out at the slowly sinking crescent Earth, just above the horizon, lonely mountains nearby, complete silence , except for the slight sound, of the vessels engine, disturbs the peace. Passing underneath, the moondust, looking like a calm liquid sea, only the boats bright lights, to show the stark scenery, with the chilly temperature, of more than 200 below zero, Fahrenheit, outside ... Somehow the rather ugly gray moonscape is beautiful, but the universe is a violent place, a small moonquake occurs, and the Selene, quietly disappears, to the bottom of the waterless , dusty, Sea of Thirst, as if back on one of Earths Oceans, not an airless desert... Maybe the thrill seeking tourists, should have stayed home, but there is always hope, that these brave men and women, can be saved, otherwise, the Selene, becomes just another lost tomb. They wait, with very high expectations ...

Environmental Studies


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