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Rats Bite: A Dramatic Story of Conflict & Hope

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A short story of childhood conflict and hope at a seashore city after a major storm. This edition has over 25 full color photos of the seashore. The original version of Storm Shadows Rats Bite made its debut in American Gem Short Screenplay Competition. It rose to the semi-finals in Anything But Hollywood Script Contest. And it made it to the finals of The Writers Place Short Screenplay Competition as Storm Shadows. Rats Bite: short story An introverted little orphan boy must overcome a life threatening obstacle after the immediate aftermath of a powerful storm, leaving the seashore city he lives in gloomy and desolate. His curiosity proves near fatal when he is bitten by a rat scavenging among the rock jetties.

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The Waking Moon(The Waking Moon Trilogy #1)

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Paulettes life is in shambles. Her sister is dead, her mother is a drunk, and shes been forced to transfer into a chaotic public school full of bullies. Things go from bad to worse when her intoxicated mother hits and kills a teenage boy and is sent to jail. Now Paulette is truly alone. That is until the teenage boy, Jack, mysteriously comes looking for her. Jack is convinced that he and Paulette are meant to be together. He is the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen. But dead. Afraid hell find her insane, Paulette must keep the secret from her love-struck best friend, Rhodes, a prodigy who lives and breathes rationality and science. In the end, its up to her to save them all from the power-hungry, undead teens who want to kill her, kidnap Rhodes, and claim Jack as their own.

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Four Sisters in Paris

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Margot, Sophie, Carol and Amy are sisters. Once very close, they have let the passage of time and physical distance separate them. To the outside world, all four appear successful, independent, and entrepreneurial, women at the height of their careers. But everyone has things in their lives that they keep hidden and these women are no exception, each wrestling with her own private crisis. An unexpected illness in the family has brought them together again and they decide to reunite for a long weekend in Paris. Can they trust each other enough to reveal the hidden layers of their lives? Can they rekindle the friendship they once shared?

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In Belongings the author relates some of the turmoil and general mixed emotions that go along with numerous moves: the attachments, feelings of loss, then reattachments in a womans life. There are happy and even humorous experiences too in her sometimes hectic world.

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I love zombies

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ove zombies recrea, de una manera ferozmente divertida, un mundo postapocalíptico de crueldades obscenas, donde el lector se verá enfrentado, no solo a los muertos vivientes, sino también a los seres más peligrosos de todos: nosotros mismos. En este mundo, lleno de violencia, destacan las historias entrelazadas de dos personajes muy distintos: Una, la de un joven traumatizado por la muerte de su familia –víctima de una horda hambrienta de cadáveres ambulantes– que se encuentra con la difícil tarea de mantener con vida a una hermosa chica gravemente herida, que podría –o no– estar infectada del virus que convierte a los humanos en muertos vivientes. La otra, es la historia de un hábil cazador de zombies cuyas técnicas de supervivencia traspasan los límites del pragmatismo para convertirse en prácticas asesinas. Este hombre dice que ama a los zombies y justifica su comportamiento homicida diciendo: “Con los zombies uno siempre sabe a qué atenerse… mientras que en la gente… simplemente no se puede confiar”. No vamos a arruinarles la sorpresa revelándoles el desenlace de estas sangrientas historias, pero la idea es que, al terminar de leer I love zombies, ustedes los amen también.

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Bu Shi Jin Li, Shi Yi Ding Yao Zuo DAO

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Blank 133x176
Bu Shi Jin Li, Shi Yi Ding Yao Zuo DAO
Badao Jiu

Jiubadaos romance novel Dont just try your best. Get it done! Jiubadao is a versatile, prolific and bestselling novelist and director. He has published more than 60 books and many have been adapted to film, TV and stage. In Simplified Chinese. Annotation copyright Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

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Mallaby not only presents the definitive history of hedge funds, starting with the first one (created by A.W. Jones in 1949), and continuing through the recent financial crisis, but he also makes the argument that hedge funds are the best alternative to the megabanks on Wall Street. Thats a pretty controversial claim. Certain funds (like Long-Term Capital Management) have completely imploded, and some hedge fund managers have been fined for fraud. And yet, after reading this book, Im sympathetic to Mallabys case. He argues that hedge funds:1) Include their managers own money in the fund (most of the time) 2) Havent taken taxpayer money in bailouts when they fail 3) Shine a light on fraudulent and incompetent companies through short-selling their stock4) Have an entrepreneurial, startup spiritIts a testament to the merit of Mallabys book that I now have some sympathy for financial traders. Up to this point, the books Ive read about Wall Street have all been scathing. This one takes an approach of measured praise.

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NES Art Secrets Study Guide: NES Test Review for the National Evaluation Series Tests

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***Includes Practice Test Questions*** Get the test prep help you need to be successful on the NES Art test. The NES Art Exam is extremely challenging and thorough test preparation is essential for success. NES Art Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the NES Art Exam. Not only does it provide a comprehensive guide to the NES Art Exam as a whole, it also provides practice test questions as well as detailed explanations of each answer. NES Art Exam Secrets Study Guide includes: A thorough overview of the NES Art, A guide to foundations of art: media, tools, technologies, techniques, and processes, An examination of visual arts in historical and cultural, A breakdown of aesthetics and art criticism, An in-depth look at connecting the visual arts to other disciplines, Comprehensive practice questions with detailed answer explanations. Its filled with the critical information youll need in order to do well on the test: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the National Evaluation Systems (NES) expects you to have mastered before sitting for the exam. The Foundations of Art: Media, Tools, Technologies, Techniques, and Processes section covers: Wood, Fabric as a support, Pen and ink, Stone-carving, Metal sculpturing, Hazards. The Visual Arts in Historical and Cultural Contexts section covers: Discovery of 1879, Official Roman art, Byzantine style, Donatello, African art, Chinese painting. The Aesthetics and Art Criticism section covers: Aesthetics, Modes of perception, Terms. The Connecting the Visual Arts to Other Disciplines section covers: Giclee, Phases, Kinetic art. These sections are full of specific and detailed information that will be key to passing the NES Art Exam. Concepts

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Ultimate Origins(Coleccionable Ultimate #49)

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Contiene Ultimate Origins 1-5.¡La conspiración detrás del Universo Ultimate sale a la luz! La primera vez que se encontraron, Bruce Banner dijo a Spiderman que “todo está conectado”. Ahora, ha llegado el momento de descubrir los secretos que algunos hombres han protegido a costa de sus propias vidas. Desde los oscuros días de la Segunda Guerra Mundial hasta el presente, viajamos a través de la historia para conocer la verdad detrás de héroes como el Capitán América, Nick Furia y Lobezno… ¡Tienen en común mucho más de lo que pensabas! Además, El Vigilante entra en escena para marcar el incierto futuro que aguarda a la vuelta de la esquina… ¡Ultimatum cada vez está más cerca!Autores: Brian Michael Bendis y Butch Guice

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