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Releasing Instincts

  10/02/2012       killer-geza      0 Comments

by LuArna Davis

Category: Environmental Engineering

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 124 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • Edition Language: English

All her life Noel Rowe lived trapped within her own skin, not knowing she wasn’t truly living, due to a promise she made years ago. Never venturing far from the block she lived and worked, she did her best to stay true to her fathers wishes. But when her best friend invites her on a weeklong vacation in the mountains, the temptation is far too great and she breaks her vow. Leland has waited years to meet his mate, the one who will connect her soul to his and make his life complete. When he catches her scent not far from his home, he rushes to find her. The meeting doesnt go as planned, and he finds a timid woman who is scared of him and the stories of their kind. When events he set into motion spiral out of control, he is left with a difficult decision he refuses to make. Noel must come to terms with what she really is and face a side of herself shes refused to acknowledge until now. Her fathers warnings haunt her and she is forced to face her deepest fears. Can she accept what she is and allow the man fate has chosen for her to help her release her instincts?

Environmental Engineering


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