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Etched...Upon My Heart: What We Learn and Why We Never Forget

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Etched...Upon My Heart: What We Learn and Why We Never Forget
Jill Kelly

Our lives are made up of moments. Some we hope to remember forever and some we long to forget. But its the tapestry of these moments that come together to write the story God is telling through each of our lives. In ETCHED . . . UPON MY HEART, Jill Kelly shares some of the unforgettable moments in her life-some sorrowful, others filled with joy-as a living epistle to her daughters. Kellys raw and honest reflections provide encouragement and inspiration for women and mothers who long to pass on hard-won knowledge of Gods steadfast love and healing grace to their children. As she writes, God will break our hearts, but He will hold the pieces. He will cradle us and redeem every tear we cry. Although great personal pain informs these pages, Kellys story is ultimately one of forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope. Through the moments in time that Jill Kelly recounts, you will recognize the daily reality and eternal value of Gods plan for your own life.

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Cada cierto tiempo nos encontramos con libros que nos recuerdan el valor de la literatura, no porque reafirmen la que ya conocemos, sino porque la amplían al abrirse un lugar —bajo sus propios términos— dentro de ella.Así sucede con Nenitas. Con valentía, sensibilidad y mucha inteligencia, Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny decidió escribir sobre un ámbito evadido por la mayoría de los escritores del país: nuestra vida diaria: esas tardes en casa con la ropa regada sobre los sillones y el cáncer de la niña, el alcoholismo de mamá, la sexualidad atribulada.Nenitas es un ataque despiadado a un modo de vida en apariencia regional, pero que tiene mucho de universal, donde los roles paternos, maternos, de autoridad, o de ausencia o abuso de la misma, son lo cotidiano: es decir, aquello que determina nuestras vidas y la de nuestra sociedad. Una batalla que se oculta sagazmente tras la inocencia de su título y su estilo.Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny halló las situaciones, los persona­jes y los finales precisos para las magníficas historias de Nenitas, pero sobre todo encontró la voz y el tono para meternos en ellas. Voz y tono que navegan con naturalidad de lo trágico a lo cómico, a lo tierno, a lo profundamente doloroso; no literaria­mente neutros, sino todo lo contrario, muy nuestros, son una voz y un tono que nos sumergen hasta tocar fondo, pero que están decididos a sacar­nos a flote.

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Post-Colonial English Drama: Commonwealth Drama Since 1960

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Post-Colonial English Drama is the first critical survey of contemporary Commonwealth drama. Besides essays on such individual dramatists as Wole Soyinka, Derek Walcott, David Williamson, Louis Nowra, Athol Fugard, George Walker, Sharon Pollock and Judith Thompson there are surveys of the dramatic literature and developments in the theatre in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica and Trinidad. Canadian woman dramatists and the new radical South African theatre are also among the topics.

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The Cavemans Valentine

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Romulus (Rom) Ledbetter lives in a cave in Manhattan’s Inwood Park, wears a sauce pan on his head, and believes a corporate businessman named Cornelius Gould Stuyvesant is trying to kill him by sending out Y-rays through the air after him. However, Rom also fights his classification of “homeless,” has a police officer daughter with whom he’s on good terms, is a Julliard-trained pianist, and has a brilliant mind in “The Caveman’s Valentine.” Rom and his wife Sheila divorced after Rom’s mental illness became too much to live with. Rom stays in contact with his family and they come to his cave annually to throw him a birthday party. They still love him, they just cannot understand his paranoia about the imaginary Stuyvesant. Therefore, when a frozen corpse is deposited at the entryway of Rom’s cave one night, no one believes him when he goes on about how he witnessed a car leaving the scene, and how he’s sure that famous photographer David Leppenraub is the murderer. The corpse, a homeless teen named Scotty, was known to be Leppenraub’s model for a series of famous photographs. Scotty’s lover, Matthew, lives in the same park as Rom and has told Rom stories that Scotty had passed on about the level of torture and sexual abuse that went on at Leppenraub’s home, that eventually led to Scotty’s death. Matthew convinced Rom that Leppenraub was behind the murder, and Rom went to his daughter Lulu and another police friend of his, Detective Jack Cork, to try to help them in their investigation. The problem is, what Rom believes and what is reality are often inconsistent. Rom decides to take matters into his own hands, forcing him to enter the real world he chose to leave years ago. He begs a suit from a businessman he often sees walking past and the businessman also offers Rom a shower, shave and all-around clean-up when he realizes Rom is more than just a dirty bum. Rom then goes to the Leppenraub estate under the guise of a pianist/professor who is there to perform after a charity dinner. He gets involved with Leppenraub’s sister and finds out a lot of background information before his brain fails him and he has a fit that causes a phone call to the police. Rom decides there’s enough to the story that he must investigate further, however after his fit he has given his investigation away to Leppenraub and is now being chased by people who want to murder him to shut him up. An interesting mystery and an unusual hero lead this strong story, a great debut novel.

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The Bleiberg Project(Consortium #1)

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Are Hitler’s atrocities really over? For depressive Wall Street trader Jeremy Corbin, absolute truths become undeniable lies overnight. He finds out his long-lost father is dead and boards a plane to Zurich with a Nazi medallion in his pocket, a hot CIA bodyguard next to him, and a clearly dangerous Mossad agent on his tail. What was his father investigating? Why was his mother assassinated? Can the conspiracy be stopped? An instant sensation in France -- PW: A solid thriller -- Blue Moon Award for Best Thriller -- Over 100,000 copies sold

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The Shape of Anger

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Anger is not necessarily sinful. It is a natural emotion granted by God to help man protect himself and preserve what is important. This is called righteous indignation and it can be seen throughout the Bible. However, anger can also become a sinful trap door that allows the devil to wreak havoc. But how does anger become sin? This book examines three aspects of anger: [1] the reason for anger, [2] the extent of anger, and [3] the length of anger.

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Alice is a story about brutal survival and twisted humanity. It follows a young college girl on an island vacation who quickly realizes that something is terribly wrong. People close to her keep turning up missing or dead, murdered. Hotel staff are oddly silent on the matter. Flights off the island are mysteriously delayed. Alice finds herself frantically trying to unravel the mystery of the island before it catches up to her. Soon she finds that everyone is on the island for a reason, including herself. Alice is a story of self discovery, of fighting to balance your humanity with surviving, and of finding people who can accept everything you are. But mostly its a story of a young woman trying desperately not to be killed.

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Prodigy(Legend #2)

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Setelah berhasil meloloskan diri dari eksekusi publik, Day yang ditemani oleh June lari ke Las Vegas. Mereka memerlukan bantuan Kelompok Patriot untuk menyembuhkan luka tembak di kaki Day, menemukan Eden, serta menyelundup ke Koloni. Sebagai balas budi, Day dan June harus membantu menyulut pemberontakan rakyat Republik dan membunuh Elector yang baru, Anden. June bersedia melakukan apa pun demi Day, namun instingnya mengatakan bahwa Anden tidaklah sekejam Elector sebelumnya dan rencana pembunuhan ini adalah sesuatu yang salah. Selain itu, ada yang mencurigakan dalam diri Razor, pemimpin Kelompok Patriot. June berusaha membuat Day sepaham dengannya, tapi Day sudah terlanjur digelapkan oleh amarah pada pemerintahan Republik.Dalam dunia yang kacau balau ini, masing-masing pihak berpegang teguh pada apa yang mereka yakini. Pihak manakah yang pada akhirnya akan menang? Berhasilkah June meyakinkan Day untuk menyabotase rencana pembunuhan Elector? Dan setelah semua ini berakhir, dapatkah June dan Day tetap bersama?PRODIGY adalah sekuel dari novel LEGEND yang telah berhasil menjadi New York Times bestseller.

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