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A Perfect Life

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by Danielle Steel

Category: Environmental Engineering

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A Perfect Life
Danielle Steel
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9780804194419
  • Edition Language: English

I wonder if I am getting too old for these books. They dont seem to hold my interest as they once did. A part of me was worried about this book when the daughter was described as a type one diabetic. My mother is also a type one diabetic and has been since she was a young girl, so I wondered how Danielle Steel would explain the disease. Ill get to that later. Lets begin with the main character. I can only describe Blaise as a red headed Barbara Walters. World famous, known for her TV specials, interviewing world leaders, celebrities, the best of the best, top of her profession. Much like Barbara Walters, Blaise also has a string of husbands and lovers in her past and a darling daughter. Unlike Ms. Walters Blaise has shipped her daughter off to a school somewhere else. The daughter and diabetic, Salima is also blind and basically lives like an invalid, not even able to put her own toothpaste on her toothbrush. Her mother basically wants her to be helpless, because everyone who is blind or has diabetes cant live a normal independent life. Salima has all the makings of a spoiled brat. I cant blame her though, I mean if my father was ashamed of me for having an incurable disease and my mother was too busy with her career to worry much about me I would act out too. Salima is forced to move back home when her caretaker dies suddenly. There is a new caretaker around who seems to have a brain in his head and decides that Salima can live an independent life and begins to make both women see that. The inevitable romance occurs between Blaise and the new caretaker with the predictable ending, an ending I frankly am tired of seeing when I read Danielle Steel books, but thats just me. One of these days I will quit these books for good, but old habits continue to die hard.

Environmental Engineering


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