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The Transmigration of Souls

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by William Barton

Category: Electronic Engineering

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 392 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: B005LDJN8G
  • Edition Language: English

In the 22nd century, Earth is dominated by the secular federation of the United Arab Republic, stretching from the Atlantic to Iran, and a capitalist powerhouse called Green China. Europe is a shambles of microstates, South America and Africa a battleground of proxy wars. Then theres something called Fortress America, isolated behind magic walls of invisible glass. Theres no way in, and only a few come out, tourists, with nuclear bombs embedded in their brains, which is how Paris lost the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo lost the Ginza. Strange tales come out of Fortress America, though. Tales of magical toys and even more magical medicine, and, of course, those impossible aircraft flying between the Fortress and its outliers, Alaska and Hawaii. Decades ago, America shut down its moonbase and came home in a hurry, bottled itself up and slammed the door on the world. Now the Arabs and Chinese have decided, separately, to go up to the Americans abandoned moonbase and find out what really happened. The truth is stunning beyond belief, and then the Americans send up a team of soldiers, equipped with that magical technology, to evict them. Worse, the Something that sent the Americans scurrying home with their magic booty is still up there. It calls itself the Jug.

Electronic Engineering


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