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The Republic

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by Plato

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Let me explain why Id recommend this book to everyone: Plato is stupid. Seriously.And its important that you all understand that Western society is based on the fallacy-ridden ramblings of an idiot. Read this, understand that he is not joking, and understand that Plato is well and truly fucked in the head.Every single one of his works goes like this:SOCRATES: Hello, I will now prove this theory!STRAWMAN: Surely you are wrong!SOCRATES: Nonsense. Listen, Strawman: can we agree to the following wildly presumptive statement that is at the core of my argument? {Insert wildly presumptive statement here— this time, its There is such a thing as Perfect Justice and There is such a thing as Perfect Beauty, among others.}STRAWMAN: Yes, of course, that is obvious.SOCRATES: Good! Now that we have conveniently skipped over all of the logically-necessary debate, because my off-the-wall crazy ideas surely wouldnt stand up to any real scrutiny, let me tell you an intolerably long hypothetical story.{Insert intolerably long hypothetical story.}STRAWMAN: My God, Socrates! You have completely won me over! That is brilliant! Your woefully simplistic theories should become the basis for future Western civilization! That would be great!SOCRATES: Ha ha! My simple rhetorical device has duped them all! I will now go celebrate by drinking hemlock and scoring a cameo in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure!The moral of the story is: Plato is stupid.

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