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Town Without Pity: The Fight to Clear Stephen Downing of the Bakewell Murder

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by Don Hale

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  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 354 pages
  • ISBN: none
  • ASIN: 9781492941415
  • Edition Language: English

This is a NEW, REVISED and UPDATED edition with unique scene of crime photographs and maps: Town Without Pity - Who really killed Wendy Sewell? In 1973 in the picturesque market town of Bakewell, Wendy Sewell was brutally and bloodily murdered. Wendy had a secret life, involving liaisons with several men in the town. This secret life has never been fully investigated before. It suited many people in Bakewell that a boy from the council estate should take the blame. When local newspaper editor Don Hale began to follow the trail of clues, trying to get to the truth, a campaign of intimidation began, culminating in attempts to murder him. Because of Don Hales detective work and his courage, Stephen is now free, because the appeal court judges quashed his conviction. TOWN WITHOUT PITY reveals the evidence the authorities still want to hide. This latest edition includes a host of new information, and exclusive photographs from the scene of crime, plus details about fresh evidence that now suggests potential links to the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe with facts supplied by former cold case detective Chris Clark. There is now new medical evidence available including a compelling buried pathology report hidden for the past 40 plus years. The case remains unsolved and yet, it has been controversially restricted for 95-years despite new claims of links to two other similar and still unsolved murders, and this latest association with the Ripper. It has recently been featured within Judge Robert Rinders crime series on ITV and remains a fascinating murder mystery.

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