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His Absolute Temptation(The Billionaires Paradigm #4)

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Basking in the afterglow of Lucents intense affection leaves Elises mind reeling. Is this the beginning of something more, or once the snow stops is he lost to her forever?(A Cerys du Lys contemporary BDSM erotic romance novella)Elise is living a fantasy. This entire weekend has been surreal. Unfortunately dreams and fantasies inevitably end. With the winter blizzard nearing completion, she knows the real world holds a bitter reawakening for her soon enough.Why, though?Lucent Storme remains an enigma despite everything theyve experienced. Elise is fascinated by him, allured by his tender care clashing against his decadent authority. He likes her, too--he must--except he hides behind his dominance, using it as an emotional mask. Is he afraid hell hurt or upset her, or is there more to his aloof capriciousness?It hurts, but Elise knows Lucent will leave once they escape from the library. Her only hope is that she can convince him to return. After succumbing to His Absolute Temptation, shes determined to beguile him into succumbing to her, too.(This enticing contemporary BDSM erotic romance novella of domination and submission is ~21,100 words in length)The Billionaires Paradigm series currently also contains His Absolute Obsession (#1), His Absolute Attraction (#2), and His Absolute Compulsion (#3), all of which are now available in the Kindle Store!*EXCERPT*He grinned. If I spank you because you ask me to, its hardly me controlling you, now is it? Youre the one who wants it. The spanking should be a punishment and about what I want.His voice was lower now, more seductive. He looked at me with dark, aggressive eyes. I liked Lucents eyes. Truth be told, I liked everything about Lucent so far. Or, almost everything. I needed to remind myself that I still didnt know everything about him, and this was all so sudden and fast, but I did want to know. I hoped to know in the future.Ill apologize if I hurt you, he said. I accept that concession and agree to it wholeheartedly, but-- Pushing me onto my back, he rolled atop me, pressing me against the ground with the entirety of his body. Ill spank you whenever I like, Miss Tanner. What do you think of that?I gulped. Well, what did I think? I thought he could do it right now if he liked, but it seemed more than a little difficult if we stayed in this position. That sounded like a bad thing to say, though. Topping from the bottom, right? Lucent didnt sound angry about it, but if I wanted to let him control me, I needed to let him do it, too.Instead, I nodded fast.Perhaps Ill spank you now, he said with a growl.I nodded faster.I wont, though. Youd like that too much and I have no reason to do it at the moment.I stopped nodding.Though, hm. His hand slid down my side to my skirt, to the hem, and... Perhaps...

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Relativistic Effects in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids

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The NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) on Relativistic Effects in Atoms, Molecules and Solids cosponsored by Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) was held at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Van couver, Canada from August 10th until August 21st, 1981. A total of 77 lecturers and students with diverse backgrounds in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and various interdisciplinary subjects attended the ASI. In the proposal submitted to NATO for financial support for this ASI, it was suggested that recent impressive experimental developments coupled with the availability of sophisticated computer technology for detailed investigation of the relativistic structure of atoms, molecules and solids would provide an excellent testing ground for the validity and accuracy of the theoretical treatment of the rela tivistic many-electron systems involving medium and heavy atoms. Such systems are also of interest to the current energy crisis because of their usage for photovoltaic devices, nuclear fuels (UF6), fusion lasers (Xe*2) catalysts for solar energy conversion, etc.

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Камера помътняла

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Брилянтен, идиосинкратичен, страховито интелигентен писател... Дик просветлява. - Washington PostЧенгетата и престъпниците винаги са били взаимозависими, но нито един друг роман не изследва тази извратена симбиоза толкова въздействащо, както „Камера помътняла“. Боб Арктър е дилър на смъртоносен наркотик, наречен Субстанцията С. Фред е полицейски агент под прикритие със задача да следи и евентуално да разкрие дилъра. И тъй като Субстанцията С, която Боб взима в гигантски дози, постепенно разделя мозъка на две независими, конкурентни части, Фред не осъзнава че…Саркастичен, зловещо детайлен в описанията на наркоманите, безделниците и живите мъртъвци, тестът за идентичност, който предлага Филип Дик (и на героите, и на читателите си), е вероятно най-разстройващият роман за наркотици, писан някога.„Дик беше… един от проникновените мечтатели, които северноамериканската фантастика роди през изминалия век. Най-добрите му романи ни оставиха по-значимо наследство, отколкото творчеството на всеки друг автор за последните 30 години.“ - Стив Ериксън, L.A. Weekly„Филип Дик е един постмодерен пророк, многостранно дете на променящата се контракултура.“ - Village Voice

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Attention and Cognitive Development

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My experience is what I agree to attend to, wrote William James (1890) nearly a century ago in his Principles of Psychology. Although certainly not the first to recognize the importance of attention in mans experience--poets and philosophers throughout history have touched upon the concept in one way or another-James deserves credit for having accorded attention a central role in the systematic study of the mind. With the advancement of psychology since that time, except during the behaviorist digression, the concept of attention has been an integral part of many prominent theories dealing with learning, thinking, and other aspects of cognitive functioning. Indeed, attention is an important determinant of experience from birth throughout development. This has been an implicit assumption underlying our view of cognition since the writings of Charles Darwin (1897) and Wilhelm Preyer (1888) as well as James, all of whom offered provocative insights about the developing childs commerce with the environment. Al though systematic research on attention in children was slow to pick up during the early part of this century, interest in the developmental study of attention has expanded enormously in recent years.

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The Czech Lute for Ukulele with Low G: By Adam Vaclav Michna Z Otradovic

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Adam Vaclav Michna z Otradovic (1600 - 1676) Czech poet and composer. He belongs among most important early Czech Baroque composers, who influenced subsequent artist generation. Michna wrote and composed Czech Lute in 1653. It is the collection of 13 pieces. I cannot forgive and quote recommendations where and how to play songs from the first issue of notes. CZECH LUTE in the holiday, on Friday, at church, at table, as it likes, at any moment, joyfully, sadly, sounding saving. Check out samples from books: http: //"

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Longing for Love: Horoscope Compatibility Book for Sagittarius (Longing for Love in Your Astrology Star Sign: 12 Book Series)

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Read What Those Who Are Longing for Love and People Who Have Fallen in Love Say About the Horoscope Compatibility Series Looking for Love in Your Astrology Star Sign by this Amazon Bestselling AuthorLEO Informative and Entertaining Ms K.S. Conabree; VIRGO Love the insights Sharon L. Wyeth; GEMINI Great resource B Williams; LIBRA Hit the nail on the head Elaine Loc

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Task-Based Language Teaching(Cambridge Language Teaching Library)

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Blank 133x176
Task-Based Language Teaching(Cambridge Language Teaching Library)
David Nunan

The field of task-based language teaching has developed considerably since the publication of Designing Tasks for the Communicative Classroom (Nunan, 1989), a book which helped to set the research agenda in teaching methodology for the following decade. While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material has been thoroughly updated and includes four completely new chapters. Task-Based Language Teaching offers a comprehensive and up-to-date appraisal of the field.

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101 Labs for the Cisco CCNA Exam

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There is nothing like this product on the market. It will test every facet of your hands on skills and help you to blast your way through anything they can throw at you in the CCNA or CCENT hands on test in your exam.Prepared by myself, a dual CCIE and another CCIE this book will give you the knowledge skills and confidence to excel in the exam, at work and at any hands on test for job interviews.About the Book101 Cisco CCNA and CCENT labs all graded so you can work your way up to the extra hard 10/10 labs. All marked as applicable for the CCENT or CCNA. Each lab sets out a challenge for you with a full topology for you to copy on your home lab. Part 2 of the book is the solutions where you follow the solution step-by-step so you understand what you are configuring and learn the objectives for the labs. After lab 94 are 7 super hard challenge labs which will test your knowledge of all the major exam themes including SDM, NAT, ACLs, DHCP, Inter-VLAN routing, subnetting, OSPF, STP and much more.Here is just a taster of some of the labs:LANs Securing VTP Domains Rapid Spanning Tree Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing Advanced Switch Security and 15 more switching labsWANs Configuring PPP Configuring Frame Relay (IETF and Cisco) Frame Relay Multipoint and 8 more WAN labsIP Routing Static Routing RIPv2 Automatic Summarization EIGRP Passive Interfaces OSPF Over Frame Relay and 20 more routing labsAccess Lists Named and Numbered ACLs Outbound Telnet ACLs Debugging Traffic Using ACLs and 7 Other access list labsNAT Static NAT Dynamic NAT PAT Pool Based PATDHCP 3 DHCP LabsIP and IOS Features Configuring Command Aliases Logging to a Syslog Server MOTD Banners and 7 other IOS labsCisco SDM Multi-area OSPF EIGRP DHCP Server PAT and NAT 13 SDM labs in totalChallenge Labs 7 Devious Challenge Labs

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Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country

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In 1942, drummer Viola Smith sent shock waves through the jazz world by claiming in Down Beat magazine that hep girls could sit in on any jam session and hold their own. In Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country, Angela Smith takes Viola at her word, offering a comprehensive look at the world of professional drumming and the women who had the courage and chops to break the barriers of this all-too-male field. Combining archival research with personal interviews of more than fifty female drummers representing more than eight decades in music history, Smith paints a vivid picture of their struggles to overcome discrimination not only as professional musicians but in other parts of their lives. Women Drummers outlines the evolution of female drumming from pre-biblical times when women held important leadership roles to their silencing by the church during the Middle Ages to spearheading the fight for women s rights in the modern era. The stories and personal accounts of female drummers who bucked tradition and societal norms are told against the backdrop of the times in which they performed and the genres they represented, from rock and jazz to blues and country. Although women have proven time and time again that they can more than hold their own against their male counterparts, female drummers not only remain a minority, but their contributions have been obscured by the traditional chauvinistic attitudes in the music business and gender stereotypes that surround the drum itself as a male instrument. Women Drummers takes a major step forward in undoing this misconception by acknowledging the talent, contribution, and growing power of women drummers in today s music environment.

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