she never expected find were the men..

Spittin Grits

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A red-eyed spiteful imp awaits Hettie in the dilapidated ancestral home. He traps her inside and demands she find his Fae master’s purloined treasure. If she succeeds, she risks becoming a slave of the Fae, if she fails, she remains trapped. Her only hope lies with Declan, the hot but cynical Irish professor who comes from Dublin to investigate. Luck of the Irish. After his personal and professional lives collapse simultaneously, Prof. Declan Kelly agrees to join his brothers in search of supposed Fae artifacts in South Carolina. Instead he finds a pretty but deranged red-head with an imaginary friend. Or so he thinks until he comes face to face with the arrogant Fae, Riordan. Now Declan must choose. Will he surrender the magic-laden treasure to protect Hettie, or betray her to secure his own future?

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Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy

It is impossible to find an accurate description of this book, and as other reviewers have stated, the classic silent Soviet film based on this book is nothing like it. (This can only be useful for the handful of people like me whove actually seen the movie) Even the Goodreads description is inaccurate. Gusev, a soldier of the recent Russian revolution, is bored with civilian life and its lack of adventure. He comes across a posting for a companion for a trip to Mars, and decides it is the thing to do. Los, the man who put up the posting, has just completed his spaceship which was built for two goals: (1) to investigate Mars on the suspicion that recent signals from space are from the red planet, and (2) to leave the Earth and all it represents behind, as he cannot shake the heartbreak he has suffered since the death of his wife. Upon arrival they discover that Martians do exist, that they are intelligent, and the Martian civilization is polarized between a large proletariat and a small ruling class. Gusev, the passionate soldier, decides to join the impending revolution, but the introspective Los falls for the beautiful Aelita, daughter of the de facto ruler of Mars, the Head of the Engineers. The greatest weakness of the book is the long exposition that takes up much of the middle of the story where Aelita teaches Los and Gusev her language, then summarizes tens of thousands of years of Martian history, which includes the lost history of Atlantis on Earth. As it turns out, Martians are descended from the survivors of Atlantis and creatures native to Mars. The science fiction elements dont often age well (bird like flying machines used by the Martians, for instance) but the realistic characteristics and desires of Gusev and Los keep the story moving. Unlike the more well-known John Carter series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the point is not mindless, brutal combat led by highly principalled but amazingly stupid protagonists, but a thoughtful exploration of the inevitable rise and decline of civilizations. Of course, it cannot be denied that there is some propagandist notions about the book, as the author (distantly related to another, more famous author named Tolstoy) wrote it in a successful attempt to get into the good graces of the Communist party. Even with this in mind, I consider this equal in caliber to the best of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.

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The Eagle Boys Pizza Story

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Lifes about doing things, not having things...The story of Eagle Boys is about lessons - great, bad and just plain awful - and Tom Potter has learnt them all on his extraordinary journey to success. Join the Eagle Boys Founder on the wild ride that has brought him right from his rural beginnings, through his upward spiral to success, to his eventual flight from the nest...Inside these pages readers will meet and fall in love with the people Tom has met along the way - from characters, to criminals, to the planets kindest souls - they will roller coaster along his ups and downs, and will be privy to Toms most valuable secrets to successful entrepreneurship. While this is a book about business, it does not take the form of the traditional do this and that and this will follow business book.The Eagle Boys tale is one of a passion for product and people, of creativity and reaching levels of success readers may have never dreamt were possible. Its also a tale of figuring out how to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way...

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Wongs Essentials of Pediatric Nursing - Elsevieron Vitalsource

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When it comes to caring for children, no other resource better prepares you for practice than Wong s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing. Authored by Marilyn Hockenberry and David Wilson, two of the most well-known and respected names in the field, Wong s features the most readable, up-to-date, and accurate content available. An abundance of full-color illustrations helps you visualize key concepts, and highlighted boxes and tables offer quick access to vital facts and information. Plus, when you buy this book, you get unlimited access to hands-on study tools that help you learn pediatric nursing essentials with ease!Developmental approach clearly identifies key issues at each stage of a child s growth to help you provide appropriate, individualized care for each child.UNIQUE! Family focus includes a separate chapter on the role of the family in child health, family content throughout the text, and Family-Centered Care boxes that highlight information on patient teaching, home care, and incorporating the family in the childs care.An emphasis on wellness offers health promotion and injury prevention strategies for each age group.UNIQUE! Evidence-Based Practice boxes demonstrate how research is applied to nursing care in the clinical setting.UNIQUE!Atraumatic Care boxes provide guidance for administering nursing care with minimal pain or stress to the child, family, and nurse. NEW! Safety Alerts call your attention to important patient safety considerations and support the QSEN initiative for better outcomes of nursing care.NEW! Quality Patient Outcomes content in Nursing Care Management discussions for major diseases and disorders helps you understand how the care you provide impacts patient safety and promotes positive outcomes.UNIQUE! Critical thinking case studies allow you to test and develop your analytical skills in a variety of clinical situations.NEW! Drug Alerts throughout the text emphasize important drug information and point out potential issues.NEW! Pathophysiology Reviews highlight and clarify complex pathophysiology information.Completely updated content focuses on timely, practical topics, including methods for measuring competency and outcomes, the nurse s role in injury prevention, shaken baby syndrome/traumatic brain injury, Healthy People 2020, car restraints, immunizations, late preterm infants, and childhood obesity.Expanded and updated coverage of genetics addresses the latest advances in the field as it relates to children in health and illness.

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Happy to be Alive are We?: Tips for the Living

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This book provides guidance couched in the form of stories drawn from life. What is learned from experience is pure gold; and is more resonant when the truths that come from long familiarity are couched in tales that can be understood. Useful advice is buried at the heart of these anecdotes, and can be spotted easily. The fact is that from any perspective, life is hollow and meaningless unless somehow you can forget yourself; and can point out pitfalls to the living that are easily avoided and will help in some way. Nothing makes you feel better than helping others. To see a light dawning in someones eyes and the happiness that comes with self-improvement is reward enough.

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Town Without Pity: The Fight to Clear Stephen Downing of the Bakewell Murder

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This is a NEW, REVISED and UPDATED edition with unique scene of crime photographs and maps: Town Without Pity - Who really killed Wendy Sewell? In 1973 in the picturesque market town of Bakewell, Wendy Sewell was brutally and bloodily murdered. Wendy had a secret life, involving liaisons with several men in the town. This secret life has never been fully investigated before. It suited many people in Bakewell that a boy from the council estate should take the blame. When local newspaper editor Don Hale began to follow the trail of clues, trying to get to the truth, a campaign of intimidation began, culminating in attempts to murder him. Because of Don Hales detective work and his courage, Stephen is now free, because the appeal court judges quashed his conviction. TOWN WITHOUT PITY reveals the evidence the authorities still want to hide. This latest edition includes a host of new information, and exclusive photographs from the scene of crime, plus details about fresh evidence that now suggests potential links to the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe with facts supplied by former cold case detective Chris Clark. There is now new medical evidence available including a compelling buried pathology report hidden for the past 40 plus years. The case remains unsolved and yet, it has been controversially restricted for 95-years despite new claims of links to two other similar and still unsolved murders, and this latest association with the Ripper. It has recently been featured within Judge Robert Rinders crime series on ITV and remains a fascinating murder mystery.

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Blood and Black Roses: A Dark Bouquet of Vampires, Romance and Horror

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Blood and Black Roses: A Dark Bouquet of Vampires, Romance and Horror is an arrangement of six intriguing stories of blood and romantic horror. These stories are dark fantasies in which the protagonists are all strong women and the vampire is portrayed as a darkly romantic figure. In classic style, the real villains always get their just deserts. It includes the following: Blood and Money: The Vampire and the Robber Blood on the Stage: The Vampire and the Stalking Victim Blood and Linen: The Vampire and the Runaway Wife Blood and Black Lace: The Vampire and the Call Girl Blood and Stilettos: The Diary of a Vampire Stripper Blood and Cashmere: The Vampire and the Rich Girl Blood and Money: The Vampire and the Robber - Two desperate women rob a bank, but things dont go as planned and they end up in a creepy old mansion with a vampire. This is one robbers strange confession to the police. Blood on the Stage: The Vampire and the Stalking Victim - After leaving her controlling boyfriend, Julia is besieged by unwanted letters, gifts and threatening messages. As her life becomes increasingly miserable and terrifying, she finds an escape by attending a stage play about vampires called Blood and Stilettos. She falls in love with the actor who plays the lead role and begins to fantasize that she is the storys heroine. Blood on the Stage might be called psychological horror because of the way the protagonist questions her own perceptions and state of mind. Blood and Linen: The Vampire and the Runaway Wife - A lonely woman who is married to an increasingly sadistic husband, makes her escape late one night down a dark and lonely road. At the end, she encounters a darkly handsome, mysterious man who helps her re-claim herself. Blood and Black Lace: The Vampire and the Call Girl - A high class call girl gets the call of her life. Unravel the mystery as you learn about her life and her ultimate fate! Blood and Cashmere: The Vampire and the Rich Girl - Chloe was born into a family of bloodsuckers. She was accustomed to the best of everything, but when her father is investigated for banking corruption, her life takes a drastic turn for the worse. Valentino, a handsome artist with a bloody secret, may be her last resort. Blood and Stilettos: The Diary of a Vampire Stripper - This is the diary of Tilly Rose Marlowe, a young 19th century girl who becomes a vampire and goes on existing until the present. She begins life as a young, innocent New England girl who learns the cruelties of life at an early age. She inherits and loses a family fortune and is forced to work in a factory where she becomes the victim of a mad killer. Her life begins anew when she awakens in the underground lair of the mysterious Vasco Valverde, a very old vampire with a talent for gambling. The two begin a torrid love affair and all is going well until they become the prey of vampire hunters.

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