she never expected find were the men..

Knight of Darkness(Lords of Avalon #2)

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For countless centuries, Ive been the assassin for the infamous Merlin, even though the woman who birthed me sits at the right hand of our enemy, Morgen le Fey. Now both my mother and Morgen have decided that its time I take my place on their side of this conflict.Normally, telling them no wouldnt be a problem, except for the fact that the good guys I protect think that Im an even worse demon than the ones we fight. Hmm, maybe theyre right. I have to say that I do enjoy maiming anyone who gets in my way.At least until my mother gives me a simple choice: join Morgens Circle of the Damned or see an innocent woman die. Im all for saving the innocent, but Merewyn isnt as innocent as she seems. And shes none too fond of the fact that her fate is in my dubious hands. Personally Im all for taking the easy way out, but leaving her to Morgen is rough, even for me. Now the only way to save both our lives is to face the evilest forces ever known—my mother and Morgen. And two people who know nothing of trust must learn to rely on each other or die: provided we dont kill each other first.


The Chinese Fairy Book (免费公版书)

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This has been so far one of the most disappointing books I read in 2014.I usually really like traditional Chinese fairy tales and short stories, but I have yet to get to know a book that has been so carelessly translated like this one. It has probably been translated directly from Cantonese to English, hence the non-use of the default name translation. I would like to say that the translation problems are not so bad, but when it affect the storytelling, I consider it a big issue. Depending on the book, if the names and locations havent been properly translated, the meaning of the story itself will be damaged, and this happened in pretty much every single tale in this book. Several passages dont really make sense and the bad translation got to the point that the name of the characters was turned into an adjective. At a certain point of the book, Im not even sure I was paying attention to what was going on anymore. The Chinese Fairy Book lacked a serious reviewing.Not only that, the selection of tales was also rather appalling. I do know that the Chinese culture is quite rich of fairy tales and magical stories, yet the authors chose to put an excerpt of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms that really feels like a random piece of the book without any context. The last tale of the book is a giant excerpt of Journey to the West, which I strongly dislike for being repetitive and in this book there was pretty much a summary of everything that happened in the first book. It felt like reliving a nightmare.There are tons of excellent Chinese fairy tale books around the globe, but this one is definitely not one of them.


The Seventh Victim(Texas Rangers #1)

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Let me tell you a little story about this book. I accidentally requested to get an ARC. I thought that the author was a different author whom I have read and enjoyed before and I jumped out of my chair in joy at thinking she had a new book. After I realized that I was mistaken about who the author was, I ended up not caring too much because the story still sounded really fantastic. Oh, how I was wrong! Despite having an excellent cover and an astounding synopsis, this book was just a mess. I bring you, bullet points! ~ Predictable plot is predictable. By the second or third time we have the killer introduced into a scene, I knew who it was. It was so painfully obvious that it was…well painful. Also, by about the halfway point I had figured out what the twist was and by 70% I knew who the twist would revolve around. I don’t know whether to credit my obsession with the TV show Criminal Minds for this or maybe the plot was just that obvious and unimaginative. ~ Stubborn heroine who insists on protecting herself but seems to be incapable of doing so. Every time we talked to Lara she was insisting that she could take care of herself, but them proceeds to do completely idiotic things that seem to suggest otherwise. For example, going to a recent crime scene when it is nearly dark outside…by yourself…with just a camera…and a shotgun (that she left in a locked car). I mean, what good is a shotgun going to do you if it’s locked in your car 20 yards away? I’m pretty sure an assailant isn’t going to allow you to run 20 yards to the car, unlock the car, get the shotgun, load the shotgun, and then shoot him. She has a darkroom and leaves it unlocked while she is in there with her back to the door and in the dark. And then she ignores her dog when he starts barking at something from outside. Gee, that sounds smart! And don’t get your hopes up that the other female characters are any smarter, they aren’t. One notable moment is when one girl gets a flat tire, on an abandoned road at night, without cell phone service, hasn’t seen another sign of human life in at least a half hour, but is ever so grateful at the person who has been following her the whole time for offering his help! I sincerely hope that there are not that many stupid women in the world. ~ Cops who are either oblivious or inept. Anyone who has watched Law & Order knows that when a person is attacked, most of the time the attacker is someone they know. Yet, these cops mostly seem to sit around wondering which unknown stranger it could be without even bothering to look at people close to Lara. Their justification is, well it’s a serial killer so he probably doesn’t know the victims. That doesn’t hold water either. Criminal Minds has taught me that serial killers have their distinct signatures because the actions satisfy some need or fantasy they have. If a serial killer does not rape his victims and then suddenly a similar crime appears with a rape, it’s not the same guy. If a serial killer is going after prostitutes and homeless woman, and suddenly it’s a young blonde college student who was a big risk then it’s not the same guy! But all of this is overlooked too, despite the claim that a FBI profiler was advising them. Really? He must be inept too! ~ Lame romance. It was very cliche for the head cop to fall for Lara. And I just didn’t feel it. I knew that they had feelings for each other because the author told me they did, but that’s the only reason. Their actual actions and words didn’t lead me to that conclusion at all. Then they decide to have sex after the most traumatic and violent scene in the whole book? What? Nearly getting killed is an aphrodisiac for Lara? Yeah that was weird and made me feel like I needed a shower with bleach. Oh and let’s throw in another cliche, simultaneous orgasms. Has this honestly ever happened to anyone in real life? It’s never happened to me! The sex scene made me laugh though. In one paragraph Lara removed his pants and then on the next page she was undoing the button on his pants…when did he put them back on? *snicker* ~ Name a cliche, any cliche! Any cliche you can think of for a murder mystery/suspense/thriller and this book probably had it. Surviving victim becomes the obsession of the killer. Obsessed cop who couldn’t let this case go and is now sticking his nose into the current case. Lead cop falling for the poor surviving victim. Female characters with no sense of self preservation. The miraculous “ah ha!” moment that answers all of the questions surrounding the case just pages before the end. The police miraculously bursting in the door just in time to save the poor female victim with a few well placed bullets that never miss. I could name more but I think you get the idea. ~ Suspense? Where? This was supposedly a suspense novel, but I never once felt that rush in my veins that suspense novels usually give me. Mostly I just got bored. I started mentally counting cliches in my head and coming up with a scorecard for how well I predicted the book’s plot. There was no suspense, I knew exactly what would happen chapters before it actually happened.So, there we have it. If you want to read a serial killer novel that is exactly like thousands of other serial killer novels then this is a book for you. If you’ve never read a serial killer novel then this is perfect since you won’t have a clue about how cliche it is! But otherwise, give this one a pass unless you’re suffering from insomnia…because then it might help.I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kensington books! This review is based on an uncorrected ARC of this book, certain things may differ from the final copy.This and other reviews at Stefanis World of Words


Ég és föld(Three Sisters Island #2)

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A romantika rózsái sorozat 8. kötetA New York Times bestsellerírónője, Nora Roberts olvasók millióit kápráztatta el a barátságról, az elveszett szívekről, legendákról, szerelemről és vágyról szóló megható történeteivel. A Három Nővér szigetének legendáját feldolgozó trilógia második kötetében visszatér New England kísértő partjaihoz – és a három szenvedélyes és erős akaratú nő életének alakulásához… Ripley Todd nem akar mást, csak nyugodt, békés életet. Ő a sziget seriffjének a helyettese, és munkája teljesen kitölti életét, és boldoggá teszi. Nem okoz gondot az sem, ha férfira van szüksége, szerez magának egyet – igaz, az utóbbi időben ez nem túl gyakran történt meg. Tökéletesen elégedett az életével, egyetlen dolgot kivéve: különleges képességekkel rendelkezik, amely megijeszti, ugyanakkor meg is várja – és noha mindent megtesz, hogy elrejtse őket, még uralni ezeket a képességeket… Hamarosan zavaró tényező lép be életébe dr. MacAlister személyében, aki azért jön, hogy utánajárjon a Három Nővér szigetéről és a rajta élő boszorkányokról szóló pletykálnak. A legelejétől tudja, hogy van valami különleges Ripley Toddban. Valami, amit ugyan kideríthet, de a lány soha nem fogja beismerni. Lenyűgözve attól, ahogy a lány harcol saját képességeivel, elhatározza, hogy segít neki elfogadni a valót, és ráveszi arra, hogy megnyissa a szívét. De mielőtt Ripley és Mac megálmodhatnák, milyen jövő vár rájuk, szembe kell nézniük a múlttal, mert a sziget évszázados titkot őriz.


Rangers Over Regulus(Proud to be a Vampire)

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Libs is an (almost) 500 year old vampire. His kind was hunted, murdered, tortured, experimented upon for as long as he can remember. Barely escaping with his life from a research facility, he now lives on an officially abandoned space station/mine colony. However, Libs is not alone. Plenty of other people live here, too. Mostly outcasts, outlaws and just your average criminals and crime lords, anyone who wants nothing to do with the authorities and the law for whatever reasons.Libs is in employ of a local crime lord, Jane, who rules the largest out of three settlements with an iron (and very bloody) fist.Now, Lib is not a bad guy, its just that he was blackmailed into the servitude by this tiny itsy bitsy puny human female. Jane knows his secret and so Libs bends backwards for her. Newsflash, Libs!!! You are a vampire and a damn good sniper! You should have been able to take her out in the first paragraph and then in each and every damn paragraph (save a couple maybe) after that. I never use TSTL tag, never. But this? How did Libs survive for 500 years? How? Natural selection should have put him down centuries ago, yet he was allowed to linger to annoy the hell out of readers :/The only two people I rooted for in this book were the badass bartenders.Others? I cant care less if Janes offs them all and dies of her own stupidity (which she did anyway).1.5 stars.



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Vladimir Uzelac was born in Belgrade. He earned a Masters degree in Anthropology from Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. His fiction appeares in literary magazines since 2003. He is currently working on his PhD thesis.Grad (The Town) is his first novel.Kriminalistički roman u socijalističkoj Jugoslaviji - Popularna kultura, kriminal, ideologija i društvo (Crime Novel in Socialist Yugoslavia - Pop Culture, Crime, Ideology and Society ) is his Masters thesis.


If I Tell You Im Gay, Will You Still Love Me?: One Mothers Journey to Truth and Grace

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Blank 133x176
If I Tell You Im Gay, Will You Still Love Me?: One Mothers Journey to Truth and Grace
Ann Mobley

The shocking revelation that her son was gay threw Ann Mobley into a lonely, emotional tailspin and triggered a decision to hide the appalling discovery from family and friends. But as troubling questions continued to swirl in her mind, she launched a desperate search for personal and biblical answers. How did God see her son? Was homosexuality the worst of sins? How could her son be gay? And would his homosexual lifestyle tear them apart?From her own search for answers, Mobley shares the mercy and faithfulness of God in providing answers, guidance, and daily grace for this unexpected journey. She addresses subjects such as learning to love Gods way, letting the Bible clarify homosexual issues, development of same-sex attractions, understanding the damaging effects of sexual abuse, relating to partners, and whether it is possible to change ones sexuality.Through If I Tell You Im Gay, Will You Still Love Me? Mobley hopes to help other families understand loved ones who are homosexual, find answers to their questions, and experience Gods love and peace.


Mango Island an American Fairytale

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Mythical Mango Island is a hilarious contemporary tale of a diverse group of residents who find unusual and creative ways of fulfilling their American dreams. From illegal Colombians, a mysterious sea captain, a French chef to rich Iowa farmers, bankrupt diamond dealers, and a porn star, all seek to make their dreams come true. If you like Dave Barry you might get a good chuckle out of Mango Island An American Fairytale. One thing for sure, you wont forget the crazy characters. They will all leave you with a smile.


Becoming Functional

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If you have an imperative (and probably object-oriented) programming background, Becoming Functional will help you through the sometimes alien world of functional programming. Many functional programming books begin by focusing on the more difficult concepts such as recursion and immutability. This book lets you dive right in to functional programming by teaching the most useful implementation concepts first.Once you finish a chapter, you’ll be able to take the concept you just learned and use it in their current day-to-day job. Each chapter introduces a problem and investigates ways to solve it by going from imperative pseudo-code to functional pseudo-code.

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