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Le diable de Saint-Hyacinthe: Télesphore-Damien Bouchard

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Dans Le Diable de Saint-Hyacinthe, le biographe Frank Myron Guttman trace le portrait de Télesphore-Damien Bouchard (1881-1962), une personnalité politique québécoise injustement oubliée, un homme aux idées en avance sur son époque. Anticlérical en un temps où le clergé dominait, Bouchard a tenté de minimiser au Québec le rôle occupé par l’Église catholique dans les domaines de la politique, des services sociaux et de l’éducation tout au long d’une carrière qui s’est étendue sur près d’un demi-siècle. Précurseur et agent de changement, il a travaillé � la réforme de l’éducation, � l’accessibilité des femmes au vote et � la législation des droits des travailleurs.Élu � l’Assemblée législative du Québec en 1912 pour la ville de Saint-Hyacinthe, il fut maire de cette ville pendant un quart de siècle.Leader � la Chambre du Parti libéral de 1936 � 1939, son intégrité et sa droiture lui valurent la hargne de ses propres collègues lorsqu’il fut ministre des Travaux publics de 1939 � 1944.Membre le plus influent du cabinet ministériel d’Adélard Godbout, il termina sa carrière publique en étant le tout premier président d’Hydro-Québec en 1944 et sénateur � Ottawa.Dès 1906, Bouchard avait compris l’importance de développer des infrastructures électriques qui permettraient de fournir � un prix raisonnable l’électricité aux citoyens et � l’industrie. Ses conceptions visionnaires ont insufflé un élan � la création de lois qui ont mené � la nationalisation des services publics.Cet ouvrage bien documenté rend hommage aux réalisations d’un homme qui a consacré sa vie � l’amélioration de la condition de la classe moyenne québécoise, tant au niveau de l’instruction que des acquis sociaux. Le portrait brillant d’un homme politique inspirant en cette période où corruption et trafics d’influence n’en finissent plus de faire les grands titres de l’actualité.

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Financial Services Enforcement and Compliance: Leading Lawyers on Outlining Recent Regulatory Changes and Developing Effective Review Processes (Inside the Minds)

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Various is the correct author for any book with multiple unknown authors, and is acceptable for books with multiple known authors, especially if not all are known or the list is very long (over 50).If an editor is known, however, Various is not necessary. List the name of the editor as the primary author (with role editor). Contributing authors names follow it.Note: WorldCat is an excellent resource for finding author information and contents of anthologies.

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Fashions Slaves

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An EXACT reproduction from the original book FASHIONS SLAVES by B.O. FLower first published in 1892. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

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Of Human Clay

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Of Human Clay, is a glorious read. I had a difficult time putting it down when I finished reading the final pages. I wanted more. It was like a delicious meal that you dont want to end. The first words that came to mind when I finally let it go were beautiful, stunning, and heartbreaking. Its a remarkable love story, not only between a man and woman, but also between a woman, her God, and the people she loved and served for seventeen months as a medical missionary in Malawi, one of the poorest nations in Africa.Aimees story begins with her Irish Catholic upbringing and her search for a meaningful life as she enters the convent to become a nun. She spends years preparing herself to become a medical missionary. Later, finding herself in a small, forgotten nation, living among people who have been virtually ignored by a patronizing church, Aimee finds herself facing a patriarchal governing body regulated by Rome and its often hypocritical views of what caring for others is really all about. When she shares her thoughts with a young priest whose feelings are similar to her own, they fall in love, lost in a world of diminishing returns as they each, singularly try to maintain their balance, vows, and the passion they feel for each other and their work.Filled with important questions about life, love, and caring for others, Aimees story led me back to my own experiences as a child in the Catholic church and my families dismissal when priests in our parish discovered that my parents had been married by a justice of peace in Maryland, on Valentines Day in 1942. The next day my father went to war and eventually became a hero in our countrys fight to bring peace to a world at war. Told that they were living in sin and that my brothers and I were bastards, my parents left the church never entering the doors of any religious organization again. Even as a child of eight, I felt the stigma and inaccessibility to those who wanted to teach me what and how to believe in a spiritual deity.I highly recommend this book to anyone immersed in their own spiritual journey. It touches the essence and hearts of all of us whether we follow a traditional faith or have invented our own way of believing or disbelieving.

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Journey to Cubeville(Dilbert #12)

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Imagine the scene: The bees are on the job, buzzing, busy. The hapless worker drones build the honeycomb, ceaselessly, tirelessly, for the good of the hive, every waking moment, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. Then one morning, an industrious bee brings in the latest Dilbert collection. The other bees gather round. Chuckles. Then laughter. Then great, tear-squirting bee guffaws. Thats exactly whats happening here, man! All the bees spontaneously take a coffee break and sit around telling unflattering stories about the Queen.You could be that bee. If, that is, youre the first one at work to get your hands on Jounrey to Cubeville, the latest adventures of Dilbert, Dogbert, and the rest of that crew who offer salvation from the mind-numbing repetition of the daily grind.Or things could go much differently. Be the last one in your block of cubicles to see Journey to Cubeville and you run the risk of being lost in the watercooler conversation, left out of the e-mail loop, derided behind your back like an upper-management imbecile. Shame and embarrassment galore. It could happen.Journey to Cubeville takes on the usual suspects (all forms of office-related idiocy) with Adamss characteristic lack of sympathy. Whether its pointed at the network administrator with the power to paralyze an entire company with the stroke of a key, the accountant who engages you in a heated battle over reimbursement for a ham sandwich hastily gulped on a business trip, or the manager (no specific demented action necessary, because in the world of Dilbert that word is synonymous with incompetent fool), Adamss humor and insight is the kind that only an insider can provide — and its so universal that the millions of people who read it seem sure that the strip is actually about their company.So come on — you know you want to be first. Take everyone else along for the ride for a change. You can photocopy the pages and tape them up all over the place. Go crazy. Then e-mail Scott Adams all about it and end up immortalized in the next Dilbert collection.

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Preili Pettigrew võrratu päev

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Preili Pettigrew on vaesuses virelev keskealine koduõpetajanna, kelle õnn on maha jätnud. Tema elu võtab ootamatu pöörde, kui tööbüroos aadressid segi aetakse. Ühe ööpäeva jooksul kogeb kombekas ja hästikasvatatud daam selliseid sündmusi, mida ta seni oli ainult kinolinal näinud. „Preili Pettigrewʼ võrratu päev” (1938) on võluvalt vaimukas Tuhkatriinu-lugu, mis tuletab meile meelde, et kunagi ei ole liiga hilja ning igaüks, olenemata sellest kui vana ja vaene, väärib pisut õnne. „Preili Pettigrewʼ võrratu päev” on inglise kirjaniku Winifred Watsoni (1906-2002) kolmas ja kuulsaim romaan. Seda saatis suur müügiedu nii Inglismaal kui ka mujal maailmas ning Universal Pictures ostis raamatu filmiõigused. Ent noorukese kirjaniku tähelend jäi üürikeseks, sest puhkes Teine maailmasõda. Sõja lõppedes otsustas kaheksa aasta jooksul kuus romaani avaldanud Watson kirjutamisega järsu lõpparve teha ja perele pühenduda. Aastal 2000, kui Winifred Watson oli juba 94-aastane, avastati see humoorikas romaan raamatusõprade rõõmuks uuesti. Inglismaal on sellest ilmunud juba viis kordustrükki. Kahjuks ei jõudnud kirjanik näha, et see, mis sõja tõttu pooleli jäi, sai peaaegu seitsekümmend aastat hiljem siiski teoks – preili Pettigrew jõudis lõpuks ometi Hollywoodi. 2008. aastal linastunud romantilises komöödias mängis peaosa Oscariga pärjatud näitlejanna Frances McDormand.

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My Bloody Roots: From Sepultura to Soulfly and Beyond - The Autobiography

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My Bloody Roots is the brutally honest story of life in two of the worlds best-known heavy metal bands, Sepultura and Soulfly, by one of the global metal scenes most respected musicians. Much, much more than just another tale of rock n roll debauchery, its a story of heartbreak and loss--and, ultimately, triumph. In it, Cavalera offers an unflinching account of life growing up in hardship in Brazil--a country not previously known for heavy metal--and the multi-million-selling success, against all odds, of the band he founded with his brother, Iggor: Sepultura. Then, for the first time, he reveals the full story behind his split with the band--after which he did not speak to his brother for years--and the formation of his Soulfly, one of the most critically and commercially successful metal bands of the past two decades. He also goes into unflinching detail on the devastating impact of the deaths of his father, stepson, and grandson; his struggles with drugs and alcohol; and his eventual reunion with Iggor in The Cavalera Conspiracy. Max Cavaleras has a unique and extraordinary story to tell, and My Bloody Roots is an autobiography like no other. This is essential reading for all fans of metal.

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The Blond Leading the Blond

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Ellery Tinsdales father never talked about his childhood, never once mentioned what happened to his family, and never ever gave any indication there existed a lakefront resort in central Ohio founded by his ancestors. Curious upon receiving notice of the death of an aunt she hadnt known existed, Ellery travels to Braddocks Beach in hopes of learning a bit about her heritage. There she finds she is to inherit the family house, the family jewels, the family real estate holdings, the family bank accounts, and, much to her dismay, the family role of Queen Bee. Ellery also finds herself accused of Aunt Izzys murder.Samantha Greene is the lifelong friend and neighbor of Isabel Tinsdale, as well as the self-appointed purveyor of Braddocks Beach history. The recent discovery of a surviving member of Braddocks Beachs royal family sets the town abuzz with anticipation of Ellerys arrival. But Sam soon learns that Ellery is the only person to ever flunk out of Madame Rowenas School of Etiquette and has much to learn about making appearances, leading charity drives, heading up committees, and setting fashion trends. But first and foremost is the business of clearing the Tindsale name of murder.What do a third-grade science teacher and a small-town socialite know about tracking killers? Its what they dont know that gets them into trouble.

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Кажи на вълците, че съм си у дома

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1987. Единственият, който истински разбира четиринайсетгодишната Джун, е вуйчо й – прочут художник, умиращ от болест, която майка й не иска да назове. След смъртта му й остават само любимият му руски чайник, безценен портрет и една книга със скрито между страниците послание. „Кажи на вълците, че съм си у дома” е затрогваща история за страданието и състраданието, които носят неочаквана утеха и странни приятелства, за съзряването и изборите на зрелостта, но най-вече за любовта – изгубена и преоткрита.

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