she never expected find were the men..

Owning Corey

  10/02/2012       Rjkzy      0 Comments

WHEN introverted doctor Ben Hardys high maintenance girlfriend wants to introduce a little more kink into their love life, he doesnt expect it to come in the form of the hunky EMT who just moved to Blackwood. Bens not gay, but DAMN! He can definitely see why all the women turn to mush when the new guys around. Baby blue eyes, flirtatious smile, body of an underwear model...The prospect of being naked in the same room with him is horrifying. So why the hell is Ben actually considering it?COREY Butler desperately needs to leave his shady past behind, and the microscopic town of Blackwood is just the place to do it. No drama, no danger, no sleeping under bridges... What he doesnt need is a huge crush on someone whos completely out of his league. When Dr. Hardys gorgeous girlfriend propositions him for a threesome, he knows the smart thing would be to say no.Of course it would. But then Coreys never been known for making smart decisions.

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Power Verbs for Managers and Executives: Hundreds of Verbs and Phrases to Communicate More Dynamically and Effectively

  10/02/2012       disturbed517      0 Comments

Electrify all your leadership every level, in every encounter The right verbs - help you build outstanding teams - achieve stunning performance - exude passion and confidence that make others want to follow Grab the right verb and use it the right way to: Drive home your message, whatever it isEnergize teams and workforcesPromote collaboration to maximize performanceCatalyze change at every level Jam-packed with examples drawing on thousands of years of storytelling, literature, and experienceIndispensable for everyone who intends to be a truly great leader

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Kissed in Paris(Paris Romance #3)

  10/02/2012       mouninakia123      0 Comments

This book was so freaking good. I am so glad that I read it and I want to shout from the rooftop how much I loved this book. Even though it is shelved as chick-lit, I really enjoyed the romance. The tension is sizzling! Sexy, protective, ridiculously hot French bad boy undercover agent - check. Hot chemistry - check. Wanted to switch place with Chloe - check.I will not spoil the plot, it was that good! All I will say is that there was so many great twist and turns and for most of the time I had no idea where we were going. And the scenery. I am a sucker for books taking place in France and here we got Paris AND ridiculously gorgeous French countryside. I almost booked a ticket straightaway. I want to put posters up - read this book straightaway! It was everything a good chick-lit and a good romance should be and I will revisit this amazing novel soon.

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Conscious Relationship

  10/02/2012       adenmanor11      0 Comments

Using a simple analogy based upon ancient philosophy, this book answers the following questions: What is the higher purpose of relationship? Why do we attract whom we attract? What keeps a couple together in the long run? The book illuminates how various factors (natural timing, intention, communication, and the mechanisms of the subconscious mind) affect relationship.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer Vol. 3

  10/02/2012       S1LV3R      0 Comments

The conclusion to the three-volume series following the New York Times Bestseller Dance in the Vampire Bund!Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer is a three-volume interlude between Dance in the Vampire Bunds first fourteen volume story arc and the upcoming second part of the series, which will launch in 2014. The Memories of Sledge Hammer delves into the past to look at the doomed love affair of one of the Vampire Bunds most deadly operatives.Three months have passed since Princess Mina, queen of all vampires, has recaptured the Bund. The damage inflicted to vampire/human relations runs deep, but a peaceful postwar restoration is now underway.Yet appearances can be deceiving. Somebody is trying to kill government liaison Reiko Gotoh, but her lycanthrope bodyguard, Seiji Hama, is nowhere to be found. The mystery of Hamas whereabouts can only be solved by examining the past, when the ill-fated couple first met. The past may be the key to saving Gotoh in the present—and to the future of the Vampire Bund itself!

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Three-Legged Madness

  10/02/2012       GarsTag      0 Comments

My familys weird. I know everyone says that but we are DEFINITELY weird. My eldest sister is 17 going on 70, my other sister is away with the fairies (literally - her room is like heaven to whoever invented fairy lights) and my little brother is a space cadet whos obsessed with finding cheese on the moon. Me? Somehow, I ended up normal, but its a struggle, let me tell you ... and I will tell you about Dads birthday - as soon as I get this vibrating three-legged cat off my head ...

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Zombillenium: Gretchen(Zombillenium #1)

  10/02/2012       darksea      0 Comments

Francis von Bloodt, a vampire and good family man, operates the one-of-a-kind theme park Zombiellenium. But this unique amusement park doesnt just hire anyone: mere mortals need not apply--only genuine werewolves, vampires, zombies, and other citizens from the undead community are employed. A stunningly beautiful, fully painted graphic novel, this work presents a wryly humorous and lighthearted take on the traditional horror genre.

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Successful Prevention Programs for Children and Adolescents

  10/02/2012       arsenix      0 Comments

Successful Prevention Programs for Children and Adolescents presents a wide variety of exemplary programs addressing behavioral and social problems, school failure, drug use, injuries, child abuse, physical health, and other critical issues. The validity and generality of each studys results are given special attention, and outcomes involving actual behavioral change are emphasized. A special appendix lists resources on prevention, including other texts, special journal issues, national clearinghouses, resource centers containing videos and curriculum materials, and Web sites.

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Der Feigling und die Bestie(Perg Efsaneleri #1)

  10/02/2012       Staruxa      0 Comments

Perg war eine friedliche Welt, bis Lord Asuber das Buch Tshermons in seinen Besitz bringt. Es ist das Buch des Teufels und vergiftet Asuber mit jedem Zauber, den er daraus liest, bis er in seinem Streben nach Macht unersättlich wird. Es kommt zum Krieg und das Paradies wird zur Hölle.Eher unfreiwillig gelangen die Helden in diesen Kampf um Leben und Tod: Der Ritter Leofold, der Bauer Guorin, der alte Zauberer Geryan, und später der Prom-Bogenschütze Nume. Ihr gemeinsames Ziel, die Macht von Asuber zu zerstören, führt sie in verschiedene Länder, auf Pirateninseln, in Festungen, Tempel und uneinnehmbare Häfen. Sie erleben lebensgefährliche Situationen und kommen oft an einen Punkt, an dem sie nicht weiter wissen, denn Asubers dunkle Macht scheint unaufhaltsam. Doch immer wieder bekommen die Vier unerwartet Hilfe, von einer Hellseherin etwa und einem kugelförmigen Winzling namens Liddek. Aber es scheint noch eine größere Macht im Spiel zu sein, die das Schicksal von Perg bestimmt und auch bis in die Mitte der treuen Freunde seinen Einfluss hat.

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