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The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

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The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges
Martin Wietschel

Responding to the sustained interest in and controversial discussion of the prospects of hydrogen, this book strives to reflect critically on the perspectives of a hydrogen economy in light of the global energy challenge, in particular the question how to meet the growing demand for transport energy in the long term and how to secure sustainable energy for transportation. This book stands out from other publications by its emphasis on setting the scene for hydrogen and the comprehensive coverage of all aspects related to the hydrogen subject, that is technical, environmental and socio-economic, and with a global geographic scope. The aim is to provide a reference book and compendium about hydrogen that should be of interest to anyone who wants to catch up on the status of the hydrogen discussion, look up a specific aspect related to hydrogen, or understand how hydrogen comes off compared to other mobility solutions. The book should appeal to a fairly broad readership: academia, policy makers and industry.

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Das Sowjetische Regierungssystem: Die Grundlagen Der Macht Der Kommunistischen Parteifuhrung. Leitfaden Und Quellenbuch

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In dem Allgemeinen Teil dieses Buches stellte sich der Verfasser die Aufgabe, die Ziele und Methoden einer allein herrschenden Partei in der Sowjetunion und die sich daraus ergebenden notwendigen Folgen fur die Form der Organi sation dieser Partei und des von ihr beherrschten Staates zu zeigen. Damit ist auch das sowjetische Regierungssystem in seinen Grundzugen charakterisiert. Besonders die im Quellenbuch angefuhrten zahlreichen Dokumente zum Allge meinen Teil des Leitfadens durften die nun fast funf Jahrzehnte anhaltende Kontinuitat in den Zielen und Methoden der Kommunistischen Partei deutlich machen. Daher kann sich auch das von dieser Partei aufgebaute Regierungs system nicht grundlegend andern, solange die Kommunistische Partei an den dargestellen Zielen festhalt und fur die Auswahl der dabei anzuwendenden Methoden innerhalb und ausserhalb der Sowjetunion nur die durch Machtver haltnisse bestimmte Zweckmassigkeit gelten lasst. Manche Beobachter der Sowjetunion, die sich eine so lang anhaltende Unver anderlichkeit der Ziele und Methoden schwer vorstellen konnen, ziehen gerne Beispiele aus der Geschichte heran.

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Under Lock and Key

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Annabelle Crowley learned that she was adopted at the age of fifteen from her sharp-tongued Aunt Ester. This revelation, combined with the sudden death of her parents and her new living quarters with a sanctified aunt from hell, caused Annabelle to rebel. With Chicago being just a short train ride away from Gary, Indiana, Annabelle wanted out of her aunt’s house, and on her third attempt, she finally succeeded. It’s 1980 in San Francisco. Anna seems like a typical college student with a bright future. As an adopted biracial woman with two gay friends - one of whom is very flamboyant - it would seem that not much would be considered off limits. Yet, Anna has a past that she guards fiercely in order to maintain the balance in her life. Then a vicious attack threatens to undue Anna’s fragile foundation and send her spiraling back to the life she fled. While Anna fights her demons, one of her closest friends is diagnosed with a deadly immunosuppressant disease. Will his impending death give her strength to face her past or will it send her farther into the deep end?

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Confronting Crime: Crime Control Policy Under New Labour

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From Labours promise to be tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime through to the White Paper and new criminal justice legislation, controlling crime and reforming the criminal justice system has been one of the governments key priorities. This book provides a detailed review of the thinking behind these new plans and legislation, looking at policies and proposals in the field of punishment, particularly those embodied in the Halliday Review of the Sentencing Framework (2001), the government White Paper Justice for All (2002), and the 2002 Criminal Justice Bill. The contributors to the book subject to scrutiny the evidence for the evidence-based policy making that is often claimed as a distinctive new feature to these processes, examining approaches to drug-dependent offenders, dangerous sex offenders, nuisance offenders, procedural and evidential protections in the courts, sentencing guidelines, sentencing management, racism in sentencing, custody plus, custody minus, and reducing the prison population.

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Freudian Slips: all the Psychology You Need to Know

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From brainwashing to behaviourism, déj� Vu to dreams, the placebo effect to psychosis, this book takes you on a journey through the workings of the human psyche. Exploring all the main theories, it provides potted biographies of key practitioners, and explains in simple terms the most important theories and experiments.Clear, concise and easily understood, Freudian Slips will help readers to better comprehend their own personalities, and the way in which we interact with the world around us.

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